Volley of outrage over tennis star Konta’s plan to build in Pooh forest

The 27-year-old British number one wants to transform a bungalow in Ashdown Forest into a four-bed home for her parents. But conservation charity the Woodland Trust has branded the plans “insensitive”, fearing the work will destroy some of the ancient woodland. The Government’s National Planning Policy Framework says any development involving the destruction of ancient […]

Winnie the Pooh movie BANNED in China because he looks like their president?

The latest wholesome Disney family film has been refused a release in China. What possible offense could the beloved teddy bear cause anyone, especially an entire country? No official explanation has been given but The Hollywood Reporter has just broken a story linking the release blockage to the ruling communist party – and specifically its […]

Watch Ewan McGregor Interview Winnie the Pooh and Friends in this ‘Christopher Robin’ Featurette

In this new Christopher Robin featurette, Ewan McGregor sits down with talking some stuffed animals and proceeds to interview them. It’s painfully adorable, and charming, and you owe it to yourself to watch it. Plus: check out a clip from the film, and another behind-the-scenes featurette. Christopher Robin Featurette  Oh my god, this is almost too much. […]

Fans threw hundreds of Pooh Bear dolls onto the ice after Yuzuru Hanyu’s monster performance in men’s figure skating

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Yuzuru Hanyu may have already sealed a gold medal in the men’s single skate with the second-highest score ever. After the program finished, fans littered the ice with hundred of Pooh Bear dolls, a celebration that has become a tradition during Hanyu’s performances. Pooh is Hanyu’s personal mascot and good luck charm. […]

‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’ Trailer: Learn the Origins of Winnie the Pooh

Following the end of World War I, the globe was in a state of recovery, looking for hope wherever they could find it. That’s where author A.A. Milne comes in as his creation of the honey-loving bear called Winnie the Pooh became a literary phenomenon and gave the world the pick-me-up it needed to endure. […]

Martin Roberts: My six best books- Winnie The Pooh, Yes Man and more

WINNIE-THE-POOH: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION by AA Milne Egmont, £40 My dad used to read Dickens to me, not the most cheery thing when you’re six. Then I discovered Winnie-thePooh, where everyone’s not dying of cholera. They were old-fashioned books but relevant in terms of how characters viewed the world. Now I’m writing my own children’s […]

Ewan McGregor to Play ‘Christopher Robin’ in Disney’s Live-Action ‘Winnie the Pooh’ Sequel

As Disney continues its reign of box office domination, one of the most effective tools in the studio’s arsenal has been the live-action adaptation of a classic animated property. Beauty and the Beast is the latest example, pulling in over a billion dollars worldwide (and counting), but there are plenty more where that came from. One of the […]