Exclusive: EU officials have privately rejected Labour’s Brexit policy as unworkable ‘cakeism’

REUTERS/Olivier Hoslet/Pool EXCLUSIVE: Senior EU figures have privately rubbished Labour’s Brexit policy. The shadow Brexit team is committed to retaining all of the benefits of the single market while negotiating a deal on the free movement of people. However,  a senior official in the European Commission told Business Insider that Labour’s plan to leave the […]

She Led Policy for Michelle Obama. Now She Wants to Run Maryland.

The tables at the Jaycees Community Center are worn, the faded bingo stand left out from some event other than this Democratic gubernatorial forum in Waldorf, Maryland. For an hour and a half, a moderator pulls questions from the audience of maybe 50 people, who fill the folding chairs with their nods, stares and half-hearted […]

Valve’s confusing Steam policy is about Flappy Bird, not bigotry

OPINION: A fact I think about a lot is that the human brain runs on about 20 watts of power. That’s a tiny number for such a capable computational processor, but your brain makes due with that supply through the use of tricks and shortcuts. An example of this is that it will make predictions […]

NFL owners adopt new anthem policy requiring players to stand on field

NFL owners approved a new policy Wednesday aimed at addressing the firestorm over national anthem protests sparked by Colin Kaepernick and polarized by U.S. President Donald Trump, permitting players to stay in the locker-room during The Star-Spangled Banner but requiring them to stand if they come to the field. Commissioner Roger Goodell said the change was approved […]

What is Labour immigration policy? Piers Morgan frustrated as Diane Abbott fails to answer

Piers Morgan interviewed the politician on Good Morning Britain following the news that Home Secretary Amber Rudd resigned amid the Windrush scandal. Appearing via video link, Diane faced a series of questions from Morgan joined by Susanna Reid on immigration and illegal immigrants. Piers probed Diane on Labour’s policy as she failed to give him […]

Facebook appoints ex-FCC chief as head of public policy

Now that Facebook is facing the possibility of stronger government oversight, it’s putting someone who knows how the government works in charge of public policy. The social network has appointed former FCC chief Kevin Martin, who led the agency from 2005 to 2009 under the Bush administration, as interim head of US public policy. Martin […]

Trump administration to unveil new sales policy to make it easier for allies to buy arms – report

US President Donald Trump will roll out a new weapons sales policy which will make it easier for America’s allies to buy weapons from the country’s biggest arms manufacturers, a new report says. The administration is expected to provide a set of guidelines which will “speed up the approval of arms exports” to certain allies, […]

‘UK Parliament, not Trump, should set its foreign policy’ – Sturgeon on British strikes in Syria

The UK Parliament, not US President Donald Trump, should define British foreign policy, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said, criticizing Theresa May’s decision to join the US-led military intervention in Syria. The main question that the British PM hasn’t answered yet is how “this action” against Damascus “taken without parliamentary approval,” will halt the use […]

REVIEW: Love, Sex & Other Foreign Policy Goals by Jesse Armstrong

Now Armstrong has written his first novel and in some ways, he’s in familiar territory. The narrator Andrew is a loveable loser who wants to be a good person but finds himself lying and scheming to secure the girl he loves, with amusingly disastrous consequences. That description makes the book sound like exactly the sort […]