Take on America: Police Chief Confronts Baltimore's Demons

Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. EST on YouTube, Facebook Watch, or your local PBS station for the debut of OZY’s innovative and compelling town hall series, Take On America, where we tackle the nation’s toughest issues. This week we bring together 100 Black men in Baltimore, plus special guests. This is a homecoming for […]

A white woman called the police on a black child she wrongly accused of sexual assault. After being confronted with video footage, she apologized.

Facebook/Jason Stovetop Littlejohn A white woman apologized on Friday after a video went viral showing her calling 911 to wrongly report a sexual assault allegation against a young, black boy in Brooklyn. The woman, 53-year-old Teresa Klein, had alleged on Wednesday that the boy groped her at a convenience store. Klein was confronted with security-camera […]

Police told to avoid looking at recent iPhones to avoid lockouts

Police have yet to completely wrap their heads around modern iPhones like the X and XS, and that’s clearer than ever thanks to a leak. Motherboard has obtained a presentation slide from forensics company Elcomsoft telling law enforcement to avoid looking at iPhones with Face ID. If they gaze at it too many times (five), […]

Teen charged in alleged Toronto Raptors ticket fraud: police

A teenager is facing a dozen charges related to what police describe as a fraud scheme involving Toronto Raptors tickets. City police say the alleged fraud was carried out between April and November 2017 on Twitter by a boy who was 17 at the time. They allege he reached out to Raptors fans through a […]

Muslim family of 13 convert to Hindu to pressure police after relative’s ‘murder’

A Muslim man living in India was so desperate to have the death of his son properly probed by police that he and 12 members of his family converted to Hinduism in the hope it would prompt adequate support from authorities. Akhtar Ali, from the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, told reporters he and […]

How Oakland sets the new standard for meaningful police tech oversight

(video link) It’s a common adage in the tech world: “privacy is hard.” On the one hand, a city like Oakland wants to have enough surveillance that it can mitigate crimes like the recent tragic killings at local public transit stations. On the other hand, Oaklanders—as they have for decades—are concerned about the real possibility […]

Rome Airport police explode ‘suspicious’ bag which turns out to be filled with COCONUTS

Rome’s Fiumicino Airport in Italy saw high drama yesterday afternoon after police blew up a suspicious bag. However, fear quickly turned to farce when it became clear that rather than containing a bomb, the luggage held lots of coconuts. An eyewitness photographed the incident which saw the Italian police simply abandon the exploded bag and […]