Pokemon Switch news: Good news for Nintendo 2019 RPG release and fans

Fans have had to wait quite some time for the next major Pokemon franchise release on Nintendo Switch. While Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu is bound to prove popular with fans, it’s still a watered-down version of the usual Pocket Monster format. It will certainly help to build hype for the next Pokemon Switch release, which […]

Pokemon Go Gen 4 update includes THESE new Sinnoh Pokemon and evolutions

Niantic has finally announced the launch of the new Pokemon from the Sinnoh region in Pokemon Go. There are a total of seven Pokemon Go chains with Gen 4 evolutions currently available to catch and evolve. The new Gen 4 types can now be found in the wild, although they come with a catch that […]

Pokemon Go Gen 4 release date NEWS: Niantic drops HUGE Piplup teaser

Pokemon Go developer Niantic continues to tease the release of Gen 4 Pocket Monsters from the Sinnoh region. After confirming plans to release Gen 4 Pokemon soon, Niantic has posted a water-themed teaser on Twitter. Pointing at the imminent release of Piplup, the teaser references Piplup’s ability to dive for over ten minutes to hunt. […]

Pokemon Go Gen 4 release COUNTDOWN following major update news

More details have been shared about the upcoming release of Gen 4 in Pokemon Go. Niantic has confirmed that new Pokemon from the Sinnoh will be added to the game soon, although they failed to provide an exact date. But data miners have found more evidence that suggests Trainers won’t be waiting long. It started with […]

Pokemon Go Pikachu event news following new psychic shiny release

Niantic has provided yet another new things for Pokemon Go Trainers to catch this week. It started out with a new shiny Krabby to track down, while a new psychic event, including more shiny Pokemon, has just kicked off. So it would seem a little overkill to add yet another new thing to the game […]

Pokemon Go Community Day time set for shiny Chikorita, but don’t forget Mewtwo

Trainers have a chance at catching a brand new shiny Pokemon for their collection today. The Pokemon Go Community Day will include a lot of Chikoritas spawning at set times around the globe. And those set Pokemon Go launch times have been confirmed by Niantic for each region around the world. The September event will […]

Pokemon Go news: Deoxys EX Raid reveal, Shiny Mewtwo coming soon?

Having leaked earlier this week, it has now been confirmed that Deoxys EX Raids are coming to Pokemon Go. A push notification appeared last night that let slip plans to replace Mewtwo, who is launching today as a tier 5 Gym battle. Deoxys will be replacing Mewtwo as an Ex Raid encounter, something that requires […]

Pokemon Go Mewtwo raids countdown: Legendary Raid release date and how to beat Mewtwo

Pokemon Go fans are counting down to the introduction of Mewtwo Raids in the popular app. The Legendary Pocket Monster was previously only accessible in EX Raids, which require an invite to join. Fortunately, however, Pokemon Go developer Niantic recently announced plans to make Mewtwo available in regular Raids. The Mewtwo Raids are scheduled to go […]