Pokemon Go Community Day September news following Shiny Eevee evolutions reveal

The latest Pokemon Go Community Day is now wrapping up, with fans expecting event news to arrive later this week. Having enjoyed all the bonuses and caught a bunch of Shiny Eevees, fans are now looking to the future. Every month in 2018 will feature a Community Day, including its own rewards focused around one […]

Pokemon Go Eevee Evolution: How to get Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Umbreon and Espeon

Pokemon Go allows players to collect pokemon when they are out and about, catching everything from Eevee to Charizard.  Similar to previous Pokemon games, you can evolve your Pokemon to bigger, more powerful characters, though the evolution process is slightly different to what you may be used to.  For example, the popular Pokemon Eevee is […]

Pokemon Go Community Day update: Final Eeeve secret revealed ahead of event

Pokemon Go fans have discovered the final secret ahead of this weekend’s two-day Community event. The next Pokemon Go Community event takes place on the weekend of August 10 and August 11. This month’s Pokemon of choice is Eevee, which has multiple evolutions. And with just a few days to go before Community Day kicks […]

Pokemon Go Community Day August reveal: Big Pokemon shiny news countdown

Having enjoyed the Pokemon Go Community Day bonuses and caught a bunch of Shiny Squirtles, fans are now looking to the future. Each month in 2018 will feature a Community Day, which will focus on one single Pokemon. So far fans have seen a switch between starters and other Pokemon for each event, something which […]

Pokemon Go news: New Japan event, Shiny Wingull and Squirtle Community Day reward

The Pokemon Go Safari Zone event in Yokosuka, Japan, has been announced this week by Niantic. This is the latest Pokemon Go event announced by the company, who are also hosting Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago later this month. This new event kicks off Wednesday, August 29, and lasts until Sunday, September 2 (JST) in […]

Pokemon Go eggs and gifts: 7KM eggs from Friends are the key to new Alolan Pokemon

Trainers can eight new Alolan Pokemon to their Pokedex this week, however, Niantic has only made this possible through their new Friends list feature. Everyone can now add friends in Pokemon Go, making it possible to trade with each other and share gifts. Gifts can be picked up after visiting a PokeStop or Gym, and […]

Pokemon Go Water Festival event end time: Kyogre Raids won't be around for long

Pokemon Go fans are counting down to the end of the Water Festival. The Pokemon Go Water Festival finishes later today (June 21) at 9pm UK time. “It’s time to make a splash!” reads a new Niantic post. “Our Water Festival returns June 7 at 1:00 p.m. PDT, with Water-type Pokemon such as Magikarp and Wailmer appearing […]