‘Shut it down!’ Thousands demand closure of poisonous landfill in Moscow Region (VIDEO)

Thousands took to the streets of the Moscow region town of Volokolamsk on Sunday as locals continued protesting against a leaking waste depot nearby, blaming authorities for not doing enough to solve the crisis. Around 6,000 people took part in the rally in the center of Volokolamsk, Mayor Petr Lazarev said. The turnout was considered […]

This Visual Novel Explores The Poisonous Power Of An Addictive Relationship

I Woke Up Next To You Again puts players in a relationship that isn’t good for them. Yet everything seems to be fine! You both like each other! You both enjoy each other’s company. Yet, something is off about the connection – something that becomes a need that pushes out friends, family, and all other […]

Woman abandons livestream after accidentally eating poisonous leaves (VIDEO)

Published time: 1 Jul, 2017 23:26 A woman had to abandon her livestream and rush to hospital after the “harmless” plant she was eating turned out to be poisonous. Zhang, a 26-year-old Chinese woman, turned to livestreaming to make money but she got far more than she bargained for when she ate mouthfuls of the […]

Roger Ailes Is Dead, But the Poisonous America He Helped Build Lives On

It’s generally the convention that one doesn’t speak ill of the dead. In the case of Roger Ailes, the reptilian former Fox News chief who died this morning, this has made for some pretty short obituaries, because there’s really not a great deal nice to say about the man. Neither I personally nor Flavorwire as […]

Food Unwrapped – are green crisps poisonous and should we AVOID them?

Food Unwrapped presenter, Matt Tebbutt, investigated whether the green bits on the edge of crisps is of any significance – and the answer is surprising.  Visiting a potato farm in Norfolk, Matt went to the root of the problem.  Speaking to the farmer, he found out potatoes start turning green when they’re exposed to light.  […]