How to plug budget holes by managing public wealth better

PROPONENTS OF sovereign-wealth funds like to say that returns from publicly owned assets could in theory displace taxes. In countries that have not struck oil, however, the chance of politicians building up savings rather than running up debt seems remote. Yet states may not need to save in order to enable at least some tax-free […]

Amazon Echo Sub and Smart Plug leak ahead of event

You might just be looking at some of the Alexa-powered devices due to show at Amazon’s rumored hardware event this month. Pocket-lint has spotted listings (since pulled) for the Echo Sub wireless subwoofer (above) and Smart Plug (below), both of which see Amazon venturing into unfamiliar territory. The Sub adds 100W of bass to an […]

Household gadgets set to go plug free

The devices called metaboards can also be used on smartphones, computers, kettles, toasters and televisions through a single unit on a table, desk or wall. And the revolutionary technology could also be used in hospitals and charge electric cars and drones. Metaboards relies on the rearrangement of atoms into new patterns to power devices remotely. […]

Airport passengers caught out by plug socket prank – can you spot it?

Airport passengers travelling through on holiday have been caught out by bored pranksters. Travellers seeking somewhere to charge their gadgets would have been pleased to spot a free outlet, as many are often taken by other travellers. However, on closer inspection. they are fake and are instead stickers showing a plug socket. People who have […]

Caribbean islands plug into electric car revolution

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2019 Chevrolet Volt: The Overlooked ‘Electric’ Wants You to Plug In More Often

It’s not a pure EV, but in the early part of this decade, Chevrolet’s Volt offered one of the few mass-produced electric driving experiences on the market. Now in its second generation, GM’s “extended-range electric vehicle” — which packs a 1.5-liter gas generator — has seen its status dwindle as all-electric competitors rivals sprout like dandelions […]

Can refugees help to plug Europe’s skilled-labour gaps?

THE canteen of Stockholm University could scarcely be more Swedish. Young blond students sip coffee and tap away on Macs. In room 3.89, an outpost of the campus, is another, newer Sweden. Refugees, all of them teachers, from lands far to the south and east are preparing for the classrooms of their new home. Several […]

Plug Life: 2018 Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid Tested

– Hyundai’s trident of Ioniq electrified vehicles—including a conventional hybrid, a full EV, and a new-for-2018 plug-in hybrid—make for a compelling assault on the house of Prius. The Ioniq Electric, currently limited to California, trades on generally agreeable road manners and 124 miles of EPA-estimated range, while the Ioniq hybrid stands toe to toe with […]