Fortnite Sheet Music in Pleasant Park Challenge replaced with this in week 7?

Fortnite Week 7 Challenges will go live later today in Battle Royale, but it’s hard to tell if they will prove as popular as some of the more recent tasks. Hunting down Fortnite Sheet Music in Pleasant Park and Retail Row, as well as playing it on giant pianos, proved popular with fans. While you […]

Fortnite Sheet Music in Pleasant Park, find Retail Row piano challenge week 6

New Fortnite challenges have been released by Epic Games and they appear to be some of the most popular among fans for a while. One of the new Week 6 battle pass tasks provides the game’s first scavenger hunt, with players instructed to find sheet music and then play it on pianos found across the map. […]

Finding Your Feet film review: A pleasant surprise

Thankfully, Finding Your Feet is such a pleasant surprise it almost makes up for last year’s Hampstead. Imelda Staunton is Sandra, a stuffy suburbanite who discovers her police chief husband Mike (John Sessions) is having an affair. After a humiliating confrontation at his retirement party Sandra has no choice but to bolt to the scruffy, […]

ASUS’ first mixed reality headset has plenty of pleasant surprises

ASUS has been teasing us with details of its Windows Mixed Reality headset, but now is ready to let folks try it for themselves. At IFA 2017, we were also able to spend a decent amount of time using the Windows Mixed Reality controllers that will ship with it. The short version of it all […]