Playing both sides: Despite woke advertising, Nike donates big to GOP

Despite a virtue-signaling ad campaign featuring anthem-kneeling NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, sportswear giant Nike donates more than three times as much money to Republicans as it does to Democrats. Nike’s employees and the company’s own Political Action Committee gave $ 424,000 to Republicans and only $ 122,000 to Democrats this election cycle, according to the […]

Michael Giacchino Directed a Short Film Starring Patton Oswalt and Ben Schwartz That is Playing at Fantastic Fest

Michael Giacchino has made a name for himself as one of Hollywood’s hardest working film composers, and maybe he can add hardest-working director to his resume. The Oscar-winning composer of Up will finally make his directorial debut with a short film that will be playing at this month’s Fantastic Fest in Austin. Giacchino’s first short film, Monster […]

“Aren’t you a little too old for that?” Two decades of playing Pokémon

Enlarge / You’ve probably caught at least one of these, right? (credit: Andrew Cunningham) On August 27, 1998, Topeka, Kansas became Topikachu for one day—a ceremonial renaming to celebrate the US arrival of a new video game franchise, Pokémon. While popular previously in Japan, the franchise’s impact has been felt in the US ever since. […]

Captain Marvel cast: Who is Gemma Chan playing in Captain Marvel movie?

Gemma Chan is a name swiftly becoming ubiquitous. From the breakout romantic-comedy Crazy Rich Asians to the upcoming historical drama Mary Queen of Scots, the star has moved from TV to silver screens Most will recognise her as the main character in Channel 4’s dystopian drama Humans, where she plays a sentient robot. Now she’s […]

Trump’s sharp criticism of NATO’s newest member has a point, but his comments are playing right into Russia’s hands

Reuters President Trump added to his criticisms of NATO just days after a summit with the alliance’s leaders. Trump expressed skepticism about Montenegro and called its people “very aggressive.” Montenegro is a southern European country far from Russia with a military of only 3,400 troops. Russia strongly objected to it joining NATO and reportedly tried […]

Being in Narcissism Relationships Is Like Playing With Fire. It Is Risky.

If you’ve ever fallen in love, you would know how good it makes you feel. It’s an exciting and at the same time terrifying sensation. You might be falling hard for the person and expect the relationship to lead to the beginning of your fairy tale. But be aware, it may not be what you […]

Captain Marvel movie ‘LEAK’: Full cast of characters revealed? Who is everyone playing?

WARNING: Potential spoilers for Captain Marvel follow. While Marvel has announced a wealth of talent for the Brie Larson solo caper, due out next year, only some of the characters they’re playing have been formally announced. However an apparent leak on 4Chan, which has now spread to Reddit, claims to know who is playing whom. […]

Trump’s aides are reportedly showing him photos of detained children smiling and playing video games

Evan Vucci/AP President Donald Trump is reportedly being shown positive images of children separated from their parents under a new “zero tolerance” immigration policy implemented by his administration.  The president’s aides have shown him photos of the children playing video games, exercising outside, and smiling, an administration official told The Washington Post.  Trump reportedly believes the media […]

There’s more evidence to suggest playing it cool is the worst idea if you really like someone

Shutterstock A new study suggests people find others who reciprocate their romantic interest more sexually attractive.  This sounds obvious, but it goes against the age-old idea that you should “play it cool.” In reality, there is no evidence to suggest playing hard to get is a superior dating method. In fact, you could end up […]