Players are exploiting Black Ops 4 emotes to peek around corners

Enlarge / In first-person view, you’re staring at a wall. With the third-person emote camera, you can see what’s coming around that corner. (credit: Twitter / GameSkinny) The first-person perspective in shooters usually brings an inherent kind of balance to the constant battle for cover—if you peek your head out to see an opponent, they’ll […]

Man Utd insider reveals exact reason why players are AGAINST Jose Mourinho

Mourinho has lost the support of the dressing room and could lose his job after this weekend’s Premier League clash with Newcastle. Manchester United have gone four games without a win and Jose Mourinho is on the brink of the sack. He has clashed with Paul Pogba, Alexis Sanchez and club captain Antonio Valencia. And, […]

Jose Mourinho SLAMS Man Utd players and aims dig at Ed Woodward after Valencia draw

The Red Devils were once again uninspiring under Mourinho, with Valencia holding United to a 0-0 draw at Old Trafford. Manchester United struggled to dominate against the Spanish side, much to the frustration of the Old Trafford faithful, who booed off their players at full time. And Mourinho, who has cut a frustrated figure all […]

Man Utd players confronted by ANGRY passenger as police rush in after X-rated train rant

Manchester United secured their third win of the season on Saturday evening with a 2-1 victory over Watford at Vicarage Road. However, their evening was marred when they were confronted by a passenger on the platform of Watford Junction as they prepared to catch the train back to Manchester. The man – who was filming […]

Fortnite Android download: Great news for mobile beta players

Fortnite Mobile has been a big success for Epic Games already on iOS. A big enough group of players use the mobile port on a regular basis to create a substantial revenue stream from the app. And with the new Fortnite Android downloads now spreading to new devices, it appears these mobile numbers are only […]

Hockey coaches in Ontario to hold mandatory gender diversity conversations with players

Ontario hockey coaches have been mandated to discuss gender diversity issues with children as part of the “pre-season chat” required by the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF). Obligatory conversations on gender identification and expression will be held across all levels of competition involving teams of all ages. Read more “We want to make the game inclusive […]

Japanese Folklore-Inspired ‘Rising Dusk’ Pushes Players To Ignore Coin-Collecting Instincts

Grabbing coins and hopping over cliffs is just what you do in platformers, for some reason. Rising Dusk wants you to ignore that instinct, though, as for every coin you collect, things will get a little bit more challenging throughout the game’s Japanese folklore-inspired stages. Rising Dusk takes you to a land of grinning, troublesome […]

Ontario hockey coaches ordered to talk to players about gender diversity

In minor hockey dressing rooms across Ontario this fall, coaches will be delivering a different kind of message. It won't be focused on power-play strategy or skating fundamentals. Instead, every coach in the province has been mandated to carry out a pre-season chat with players about gender diversity, respect and inclusion. "We want to make the […]