Ramble Allows Players To Walk Through Gorgeous Paintings

Ramble has taken procedural generation and used it to create shifting worlds of watercolor artwork, having you traverse beautiful landscapes as you watch the visuals come to life. You’ll have a front row seat to an ever-changing art show as you explore painted worlds, meandering through the generated areas in first person. While there is […]

‘Back me or leave’: Mourinho’s stern ultimatum to players

JOSE Mourinho told his Manchester United players in the final weeks of the season: Back me or leave. The United manager grew increasingly frustrated with his team’s inconsistent performances as the campaign drew to a close. It prompted a fiery address to the misfiring stars, in front of first-team staff, telling them that anyone who […]

NFL owners adopt new anthem policy requiring players to stand on field

NFL owners approved a new policy Wednesday aimed at addressing the firestorm over national anthem protests sparked by Colin Kaepernick and polarized by U.S. President Donald Trump, permitting players to stay in the locker-room during The Star-Spangled Banner but requiring them to stand if they come to the field. Commissioner Roger Goodell said the change was approved […]

Three players reprimanded after brutal punch-up

Video Three players reprimanded after brutal punch-up2:37 NRL: Melbourne’s Curtis Scott was sent off, and two Manly players were sin-binned after a brutal punch-up in the Storm’s round 11 clash with the Sea Eagles. May 19th 2018 4 minutes ago /display/newscorpaustralia.com/Web/NewsNetwork/Sport news and galleries/NRL News/ NRL News Three players reprimanded after brutal punch-up2:37 May 19th […]

The world of Fortnite keeps changing, and players are loving it

The creators of “Fortnite: Battle Royale” are still changing the map almost every day, and players are loving it. It all started in April, when a meteor slowly made its way towards a cataclysmic collision with the game’s iconic island battlefield. Every day, the meteor got a little closer. It all ended recently with a […]

Eden Hazard transfer BOMBSHELL: Chelsea star wants better players before signing contract

The Belgian star, set to lead Chelsea’s attack in the FA Cup final against Manchester United on Saturday and a target for Real Madrid this summer, has still not signed the £300,000-a-week contract that has been offered to him. But he has now said he will take his time before signing any new deal at […]

Action/Gardening Dark Soil Has Players Reaping What They Sow

Gardening is no easy task, and coupled with deadly plant life, it’s down right dangerous. Dark Soil is a mix of Dark Souls and gardening, having players planting seeds, sprinkling them with water to raise them into vicious vegetation, then fighting the sinister plants they’ve grown. Armed with your trusty watering can and a sack […]

Pokemon Go DOWN: Server Status offline for Trainer Club players

Niantic have confirmed that there are issues tonight for those Pokemon Go players trying to sign in using Trainer Club. “We’re currently investigating reports that Trainers using Pokémon Trainer Club are encountering login issues,” A Niantic support message reads. That was posted over an hour ago, and there hasn’t been any further updates on what […]

Niantic is building AR maps with help from ‘Pokémon Go’ players

Niantic may have split from Google years ago, but there’s a little bit of Google culture left — namely, the Maps part. The developer told Reuters that it’s planning to create 3D augmented reality maps with the help of Pokémon Go players’ cameras. Gamers would help map public spaces (such as parks and plazas) so […]