Help Hurt Hopp Delivers Hectic Three-Way Platforming

Daniel Linssen’s library is one packed with quirky games and concepts, often ones that play with the form and functionn of familiar genres. In the vein of the border-manipulating vampire-hunting puzzler Windowframe to the multi-game platformer HopSlide, his latest is Help Hurt Hopp, a three-player precision platformer where one player tries to leap through a […]

‘Slime-San: Superslime Edition’ Offers Tons Of Goopy, Twitchy Platforming

A green slime could use a little help hopping around many, many lethal arenas, dealing with rising stomach acid in a worm’s belly, the underwater hazards of a kraken’s belly, or the machinations of an NPC with aspirations for villainy. All of these mean a lot of jumping, dashing, and slowing time with care, all […]

Crane Quandry Is About Platforming Inside A Crane Game

If you’ve ever felt the lure of cute stuffed animals nestled so tantalizingly on a precarious platform, seemingly just requiring a little push from some mechanical claws to free it for your embrace, you may already feel the appeal of Crane Quandry a platformer of collecting stuffed toys, but from someone trapped inside of a […]

Spectrum Break Offers Stylish Zero-G Platforming Across Neon Worlds

Spectrum Break is a uniquely freeform plaformer where you leap and flip through block-filled arenas, with one important twist: these arenas lack gravity so every movement shifts the layout of the level. Rather than the traditional platformer design, Spectrum Break doesn’t challenge you to reach an exit or survive a nightmarish gauntlet traps. Instead, your […]

The Nightmare From Beyond – 3D Platforming In An Oppressive, Frightening Alien World

The Nightmare From Beyond looks to mix Lovecraft horror and 3D platforming, having players guide Sanja through labyrinthine corridors on an alien world as she searches for her sister. The Nightmare From Beyond seems to take some inspirations from Tomb Raider, Uncharted, and Prince of Persia, placing players in large environments filled with things they […]

Fist’s Elimination Tower Will Have You Winning Cash & Prizes For Solid Platforming

Well…sometimes. More often than not, the fact that you have to chain together all of your robot -stomping jumps in a single combo, or that you only have about five seconds to do it without getting zapped with electricity or clobbered by a giant fist, means taunting and a return to the start in platforming […]

Super Rude Bear Resurrection – Platforming Success Through Piles Of Corpses

Super Rude Bear Resurrection is a hyper-difficult platformer, to be sure. However, seeing that bear with the backwards hat die over and over and over again isn’t going to make you snap your controller in half. Instead, it will provide a puffy pile of corpses that will cushion your fall and protect you from the […]

Shift Happens Features Cooperative, Power-Swapping Platforming

A pair of jelly creatures, Bismo and Plom, can swap sizes and abilities at will, making for some cooperative puzzle platforming fun in Shift Happens. Two players will need to work together to get the most out of Shift Happens. Each player can take on the mass and powers of one of the characters, switching […]