Projection: First Light is a puzzle platformer with puppetry

Projection: First Light is a puzzle-platformer that explores different cultures in a world of shadow puppetry. It’s the debut game from Australian indie studio Shadowplay Studios, and it’s slated for release in Q2 2018 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. “Projection came from one of those ideas when I was playing with […]

Get a glimpse of the music behind ultra-hard platformer ‘Cuphead’

Cuphead will probably be equally remembered for two things: Its already-infamous punishing difficulty and its gorgeous hand-drawn look. But folks shouldn’t count out its delightful big band/swing soundtrack, which pairs perfectly with the game’s 1930s-esque animated style. Studio MDHR released a teaser video showing a “making of” look into recording the title’s breakaway hit, “Floral […]

The Little Ball That Could is a solid marble platformer

Sega isn’t making new Super Monkey Ball games. And Marble Madness was in arcades more than three decades ago, but the marble-platforming genre lives on Steam in the form of The Little Ball That Could. Developer NaissusWorks launched the game last week for $ 8, and it has filled the sphere-shaped hole in my life. The […]

Hey Pikmin! review – A charming platformer that's easy to pick-up-and-play

A spin-off to Shigeru Miyamoto’s Gamecube and Wii U series, it’s the first Pikmin game in four years.  Like with previous titles, you take control of the extremely unlucky Captain Olimer who once again has crashed landed on an alien planet. There, he encounters his adorable alien friends – the Pikmin – who he enlists […]

Burn, Melt, Shatter, And Manipulate The World In Roguelite Platformer Noita

The roguelite platformer, like Spelunky, Catacomb Kids, Cave Blazers, is often you against the environment, be it traps or enemies or tricky platforming. But in the pixel art caves of Noita, the environment is not just a threat; it’s a weapon, able to manipulated and molded to destroy your enemies. And kill you too, if […]

Help Royalty With Menial Tasks They Could Do Themselves In Platformer Omegaland

A princess has lost the five keys to her castle, and rather than lower herself to climbing in through the window or something, you can control Patrick or Patricia and take them out into the countryside to look for them in Omegaland. Expect platforming fun, treasure collecting, beating up the locals when they get in […]

Caveblazers Is The Little Roguelite Platformer That Keeps On Giving

Have you ever noticed how stingy some games can be when it comes to feeding you new, interesting things to see and do? Unlocking new stuff can feel like an uphill climb sometimes, making you fight for every scrap, every discovery. Not Rupeck Games’ Caveblazers, though! In the beginning, every new run feels like Christmas, […]

Bubsy is returning from mascot platformer hell to torment us all

Bubsy, a forgotten B-lister from gaming’s past, is returning for some reason or another. Probably because we’re bad people and we deserve it. Accolade announced today that Bubsy is coming back in a new game, The Woolies Strike Back. The 2D platformer is releasing for PlayStation 4 and Steam this fall. This is the first new […]

Slime-san Is A Lo-Fi Platformer That Wants To Sweep You Off Your Feet

Slime-San is the type of twitchy, lighting-quick platformer I‘m happy to spend hours dying in. Advertisement Filled with micro levels similar to Super Meat boy, the fourth project from the New York studio Fabraz takes the labyrinths of classic games like Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong Country and condenses them down into a single […]