New number plates 2018 – Pro-Brexit licence plates among those BANNED from British roads

New 2018 ’68’ number plates were introduced on September 1st. Every time new plates are introduced there is a list of numerical and letter combinations that are immediately banned. DVLA guidelines dictate that any plates that ‘may cause offence’ will be removed before they end circulation. One of the plates to be banned in the […]

Ahead of new 2018 number plates car prices SLASHED and here are the best deals

New 2018 number plates will be coming in next week (Image: GETTY) The new 2018 number plates will be introduced on September 1st. New plates will be marked with the ’68’ age identifier, which signifies that it was introduced in the second half of 2018. Whenever new number plates are introduced there is always a […]

Brazilian bishop ‘stole $600,000 from church collection plates’

A bishop and several priests in Brazil have been charged in connection with the theft of more than $ 600,000 belonging to parishioners. Police arrested Bishop of Formosa José Ronaldo Ribeiro as well as a number of other clergymen Monday after police found large quantities of cash during a raid on Ribeiro’s home. They group […]

Beijing police are using facial-recognition glasses to identify car passengers and number plates

EUTERS/Thomas Peter Beijing police began testing facial-recognition glasses last week. They appear to be similar to those first used by police in a Henan railway station last month. China is drastically increasing its facial recognition technology, and hopes to eventually be able to identify any citizen within three seconds. The highly-policed region of Xinjiang serves […]

DVLA number plates 2018 – THESE plates have been banned and this is why

The new 2018 DVLA number plates have been released.  New ’18’ plates went active on March 1st 2018. Thur plated mark the age of cars manufactured between March 1st and August 31st 2018.  Ahead of the launch the DVLA blacklisted hundreds of plates that were deemed to be offensive or contain inappropriate language.  Things that […]

The Morning Watch: Doc Short Uncovers Movie Ad Letterpress Plates, ‘Jurassic Park’ Contest & More

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows. In this edition, a documentary short takes a look at an […]

DVLA Number plates 2017 – THESE plates have been banned and here’s why

New ’67’ number plates will come into circulation from September 1st 2017.  Every six months new number plates are introduced into circulation with them used to give the car a unique identity and show its age.  But hundreds of new number plate combinations have been banned from entering circulation next week ahead of their release […]

Number plates 2017: Your guide to the best affordable family cars

GETTY The big-selling Volvo XC60 costs around £37,205 VOLVO XC60 Price: from £37,205 NOT so long ago, a feature on family cars including a Volvo would have meant one thing – a cavernous estate. However, the success of its 4x4s has meant that it is the larger XC90 and this new XC60 that are hogging […]