Race for Cox Plate runner-up heats up

GODOLPHIN duo Benbatl and Blair House exposed the thin stocks in Australia’s middle distance ranks when they belted their Ladbrokes (Caulfield) Stakes opponents on Saturday and at the same time added a bit of spice to the Cox Plate in a fortnight. The imports made a mess of Australia’s ‘‘other’’ best horses, leaving a decent […]

Guilt-tripping Radar Speed Signs Could Soon Read Your Plate

Modern society seems to be divided into two camps — those who say, “If you aren’t doing anything wrong, why would you have a problem with [expanded government power A]?” and those who drop their copy of Reason in horror as each new measure designed to make society “safer” erodes their perceived freedom just a […]

A data-collection firm is sharing license plate information with US immigration officials

Damian Dovarganes/AP Irvine Company, a real-estate giant that runs 46 shopping centers in California, is sharing license plate information with a surveillance technology company that in turn provides access to that data to the US Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) agency. In 2017, Vigilant Solutions signed a contract to give ICE access to license plate […]

California mall owner’s license plate readers send info to ICE

Some shopping malls in California are scanning license plates and sending that data to a surveillance vendor that works with — and sells information to — Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. That’s according to a report by tech watchdog group Electronic Frontier Foundation, which discovered that a regional real estate company operating retail centers across the […]

Sydney FC secure Premier’s Plate

FOUR down, one to go – Sydney FC’s trophy cabinet is expanding again. On a record-breaking night in Perth, the Sky Blues became the first team to retain the Premier’s Plate, and striker Bobo broke the competition’s scoring record for the regular season with his 23rd and 24th goals of this productive campaign. A mostly […]

ICE to use thousands of license plate readers on ‘hot list’ targets

Federal immigration agents will soon have access to an automatic camera system that can locate and track vehicles in real time. Civil rights advocates worry the technology will be used against Americans. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will be able to track billions of license plates with the help of a third-party vendor that […]

YOU should check your number plate NOW as you could be risking £1,000 fine, here's why

Drivers are being warned that they can face a fine of £1,000 if their car’s number plate is obscured by dirt or grime.  Keeping your car clean can often be impossible with sudden changes in weather and while there is no law saying drivers should wash their vehicles,  there is one that requires the number […]

Number plate mistakes that could see you fail your MOT and land you £1,000 fine

Illegal number plates could see thousands of Brits face fines and even make them fail their MOT.  Certain personalised number plates have the potential to be costly errors for drivers.  While a personalised number plate can be, to some people, a nice form of expression, they could also be costly.  Personalised number plate firm Regtransfers […]

Check YOUR number plate NOW or risk landing £1,000 fine, here’s why

From September 1st 2017 new ’67’ registration number platesnu will be introduced with all new cars manufactured after this date sporting the updated information.  Ahead of the launch of the new plates drivers are being warned about a common issue which could land them a huge fine.  A strict driving law could see drivers land […]