The CEO of Clif Bar has planned his entire week of workouts on Sundays for nearly 19 years

Clif Bar & Company Clif Bar CEO Kevin Cleary plans his workouts well ahead of time. For nearly 19 years, he’s planned his week’s worth of workouts on Sundays to accommodate his schedule. He finds planning ahead helps keep his mornings more streamlined and his workouts more consistent. Clif Bar CEO Kevin Cleary plans ahead. […]

Donald Trump might extend his planned UK visit to go play golf in Scotland

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images Donald Trump may extend his visit to the UK because he wants to go play golf in Scotland. The US President’s forthcoming visit is expected to draw huge protests against him. He is also keen to meet the Queen, even though it won’t be a formal state visit. Donald Trump’s controversial visit […]

Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards on stepping down this year, battling Congress, and why she’s a ‘troublemaker’ who’s never looking for a fight

Sarah Jacobs/Business Insider Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards has a new memoir called “Make Trouble.” Richards brought Planned Parenthood back to its movement roots and has defended it from members of Congress throughout her tenure. Planned Parenthood provides a wide variety of women’s health services across the United States, but its abortion services have made […]

USAF may be forced to cut one third of planned F-35 fleet – report

The US Air Force may be forced to dramatically cut its fleet of F-35 multirole stealth fighters if it doesn’t dramatically reduce operations and maintenance costs for the flagship fighter, according to an internal report. At present, costs over the next decade are running at almost 38 percent over budget, according to analysis by the […]

Rare cancels planned Sea of Thieves “death cost” after player complaints

Enlarge / Falling from this height won’t lead to a gold penalty, thanks to pushback from fans. (credit: Rare) As we noted in our initial impressions of Sea of Thieves last weekend, the game is probably going to need some serious changes to be a truly enduring multiplayer lark. Developer Rare is now killing off […]

Is Black Panther’s Wakanda Being Planned for Walt Disney World?

Black Panther is an enormous hit at the box office, earning a whopping $ 1.18 billion in just five weeks of release. This week, the film should surpass The Avengers to become not only the largest grossing film from Disney’s Marvel Studios, but the highest grossing superhero film of all time. One of the things […]

At Least Two ‘Dune’ Films Are Being Planned by Denis Villeneuve

Denis Villeneuve is in the sci-fi community’s good graces after tackling the behemoth that was Blade Runner 2049 with elegance and nuance. For his next project, the French-Canadian director has long set his sights on an even more daunting project: Dune. First brought to the big screen by David Lynch in 1984’s poorly received adaptation, Frank Herbert’s novel […]

Trump won’t get any military tanks for a planned Veterans Day parade

Lucas Jackson/Reuters The Pentagon reportedly released a memo detailing a military parade that is said to be in the works for Veterans Day. The memo states that the parade will not include tanks, but will include aircraft. Trump will reportedly be surrounded by veterans and Medal of Honor recipients during the event. The Pentagon reportedly […]

‘Unscripted remarks & bombastic rhetoric’ could derail planned Trump-Kim meeting

The bombshell news of a planned face-to-face meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un has met mixed reactions. They range from cautions optimism to fears that “unscripted” remarks by the US President might derail the progress. The announcement that Donald Trump has accepted Kim Jong-un’s invitation to a personal meeting to discuss North Korea’s denuclearization […]