‘Suffocating, a scary scene’: AirAsia passengers describe icy fog-filled plane (VIDEO)

AirAsia India passengers have accused the airline of blasting them with icy air conditioning in an effort to force them off a delayed flight after spending hours on the tarmac. The domestic flight from Kolkata to Bagdogra was delayed for more than four hours on Wednesday. Passengers were kept on the aircraft on the runway […]

Oops: Plane drops 40 tons of water on traffic police in Moscow suburb by mistake (VIDEO)

An Ilyushin Il-76 strategic airlifter discharged 40 tons of water a little short of its target forest area during fire drills and… spilled it on an unsuspecting traffic police squad. The aircraft was taking part in fire drills and was carrying some 40 tons of water to be dropped on wooded land somewhere near the […]

Emirates airline unveil windowless aircraft – would you fly in a plane with no windows?

Emirates has unveiled the virtual windows on board the first class cabin of its newest Boeing 777-300ER aircraft in a bid to cut costs and increase speed and efficiency. The airline intends to remove all windows from future planes, too. Instead of looking out at the outside world, passengers will see images projected from outside […]

Flight secrets: Why passengers who do THIS before takeoff could delay the plane

And now a flight attendant has revealed there is one thing any unsuspecting passenger could do which would delay the plane. But it isn’t sinister behaviour, and in fact is something every does without thinking. Going to the toilet on a plane which is waiting to takeoff will delay the flight. This is because when […]

The latest hunt for MH370 is over — here’s what searchers said about failing to find the plane

Ocean Infinity Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared on March 8, 2014 with 239 people aboard, after leaving Kuala Lumpur for Beijing. At the start of 2018, US-based technology company Ocean Infinity, began a search for the plane on behalf of the Malaysian government. The company’s underwater drones scanned nearly as much of the ocean floor […]

Can you order alcohol during breakfast on a flight? Plane rules explained

Alcohol, on long-haul flights, is often given to passengers for free as part of the journey. One airline attempted to ban tomato juice onboard a flight only for public outrage to make them quickly reverse their decision. The free drinks are something many enjoy at a time where airlines are cutting perks to save money. […]

DB Cooper plane mystery solved? Sensational claims from new book reveals hijacker identity

DB Cooper was the name given by the FBI to the mystery man behind the famous plane hijacking in 1971. His identity appears to have remained a mystery until now, with a new book stating it has revealed the culprit of the event 46 years ago. The man is thought to be Walter R Reca, […]

Google Flights: Save hundreds by doing this unknown trick when booking your plane ticket

Google Flights can save travellers a pretty penny when it comes to shopping around for cheap tickets. With many online comparison websites to choose from, it can be a complicated affair when finding the best price. From booking on a Tuesday to ticket-splitting, knowing where to start often puts people off. But frugal travellers can […]