We want to believe: ‘Russian hacking’ memo REVEALS how US intel pinned leaks to Kremlin

A newly-out memo containing the Obama admin’s talking points about “Russian hacking” in the 2016 election reveals how US spy agencies attributed email leaks to Kremlin by saying it’s “consistent” with what they think Russia does. The seven-page document was contained within the 49 pages published on Friday by BuzzFeed, which obtained them through a […]

Ryanair passenger storms tarmac telling plane to wait before being pinned by police

Passenger Patrick Kehoe, 23, arrived for his Ryanair flight at Dublin Airport in the early hours. However, he was told that he had missed his boarding time and the gates were closed. After hearing this, he then stormed the tarmac before yelling at the pilot to wait. Police officers stopped him from entering the plane […]

Cuteness abounds when a US Marine gets pinned by his son during a promotion ceremony

Screenshot via YouTube A US Marine was promoted to sergeant, with his son appearing to pin on the emblems of his new rank. Cuteness ensued. Being promoted within the US military’s noncommissioned officer rank is a special occasion in a service member’s career, after which they are entrusted by their commanders to lead junior enlisted […]

FCC security denies that guards pinned journalist against a wall

Enlarge / (Not actually the FCC’s security guards.) (credit: Getty Images | Loungepark) Federal Communications Commission security officers have “adamantly denied” an allegation that they pinned a journalist against a wall, according to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. The incident allegedly took place when the journalist tried to ask questions after last month’s net neutrality vote. […]

New Mac malware pinned on same Russian group blamed for election hacks

Enlarge (credit: Sumitcommunicationcyber) APT28, the Russian hacking group tied to last year’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, has long been known for its advanced arsenal of tools for penetrating Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux devices. Now, researchers have uncovered an equally sophisticated malware package the group used to compromise Macs. Like its counterparts for […]