Trump Forces Big Pharma to Swallow a Bitter Pill

When Nashville native Robyn Erickson came to the defense of Donald Trump during a mid-October town hall in Tennessee organized by OZY, she didn’t give the typical litany of responses — the economy or conservative judges or even immigration. Challenging suggestions that the president has not achieved meaningful successes in office, Erickson, a conservative, said, […]

The US is reportedly eyeing an anti-China ‘poison pill’ for new trade deals

The US Commerce secretary Wilbur Ross signaled on Friday that Washington may flex its muscle with additional trading partners in order to exert additional trade pressure on China. Ross said a “poison pill” provision in the recently completed pact with Canada and Mexico could be replicated. The commerce secretary said in an interview that the provision was “another […]

Danger of daily aspirin: pill leads higher risk of death

They were also at “significantly” increased risk of serious internal bleeding.  Those who had not previously suffered a stroke or heart attack and did not take aspirin were more likely to live longer.  Experts said the findings showed many older people may be taking the medicine “unnecessarily” and that it is “really of very little […]

High blood pressure: Anti-ageing vitamin pill could be used to treat condition

Scientists have discovered that taking the nutritional supplement, which is sold under the brand name NIAGEN, not only has anti-ageing effects, but can also help those suffering from mild forms of hypertension. It is hoped that the pill, which is already marketed online and is a form of vitamin B3, could have beneficial effects for […]