12 horror stories that will scare you out of getting a tattoo or piercing

Microgen/Shutterstock Getting a tattoo or piercing is a big deal. Surprisingly, though, many people don’t give it all that much thought. Advanced Dermatology surveyed 600 people who have at least one tattoo they regret and found that over 70% of respondents spent only a few weeks or less planning their tattoo. As many as 28% […]

‘Piercing’ Review: A Kinky Tale of Murder Plans Gone Awry [Sundance]

It’s clear from the very beginning of director Nicolas Pesce’s Piercing that he wants us on edge. He opens with a shot of a new father Reed (Christopher Abbott) standing over his infant son with an ice pick just inches from the child’s face. Reed snaps himself out of what seems like a trance and […]

Tu-160 Blackjack piercing through snowy skies at low altitude caught on camera (VIDEO)

Published time: 25 Jan, 2018 13:51 The test flight of Russia’s new Tu-160 strategic bomber was caught on camera near Kazan. The war machine is seen darting through a milk-white snowy sky over the Russian city, flying as low as 300 meters. The short clip of the bomber’s flyby was published online by a news […]

Sword piercing Russia and Diablo III angel? Ukraine war memorial image mirrors video game character

Published time: 16 Aug, 2017 21:35 A memorial erected in Kiev for the fallen soldiers in the conflict in eastern Ukraine features a giant sword stuck into the map of Russia and a ‘guardian angel,’ whose image renders a striking resemblance to a character in the popular video game series Diablo III. Read more The […]