We tried out 4 phone lenses that let you take photos that aren’t possible with your stock iPhone camera — take a look

Sean Wolfe/Business Insider Mobile phone cameras are incredibly powerful now, and although they still aren’t as powerful as modern DSLR cameras, you shouldn’t let your phone’s photo capabilities go to waste. However, there are still certain things mobile cameras can’t do on their own. One of the advantages of having a standalone, DSLR camera is […]

Little-known driving law could see you fined £200 for using a phone in the passenger seat

UK drivers could be fined £200 and land six penalty points for using this phone in the passenger seat of the car. While the phone driving laws in the UK are well publicised, many motorists won’t be aware that they could also be penalised when not driving. If you are supervising learner river from the […]

Accused 'Russian agent' Butina allowed phone calls, but not dental help, after 19 days' detention

Embassy officials that visited Russian gun activist Maria Butina in US jail on Thursday said that the 29-year-old, who has been in custody for over two weeks, was allowed to make calls, was being denied the help of a dentist. Thursday marks 19 days since Butina, charged with acting as an agent of the Russian […]

Windows ‘Your Phone’ app gives you access to Android files on a PC

If you have an Android device and happen to be a Windows Insider in the Fast ring, as well, you’re among the first people who can take Microsoft’s “Your Phone” app for a spin. Microsoft has started testing the experimental application, which gives you easy access to the files on your phone from a Windows […]

Microsoft releases new Windows 10 preview with Your Phone app

Microsoft today released a new preview for PCs withyou’re your Phone app and improvements to Narrator. This build is from the RS5 branch, which represents the Windows 10 update the company plans to release later this year. The company is also releasing builds from the 19H1 branch, which, as its name indicates, will arrive in […]

Turing’s newest phone is even more ridiculous than its last

Turing may have gone bankrupt without shipping a single unit of its much-hyped smartphone, but that isn’t stopping it from promising another handset. The company has unveiled the HubblePhone (yes, named after the space telescope), and it’s even more outlandish than the first. The design would include dual display “decks,” one of which would swivel […]

WATCH: Ryanair passengers FLEE plane after mobile phone battery 'explodes'

A viral video has captured the terrifying moment passengers fled a Ryanair plane after a mobile phone battery caught fire. In the video, people can be seen jumping onto an inflatable slide from the emergency exits. A man at the base of the slide in an emergency vest quickly beckons them down and onto the […]

Google ‘Pixel Stand’ might turn your phone into a smart speaker

When the Pixel 3 comes out, it might launch with a special kind of wireless charging dock: one that could make buying a smart speaker unnecessary unless you need more than one. 9to5Google has decompiled the latest version of Google app beta and found strings of code talking about a “Pixel Stand.” The lines show […]