What an MBTI Personality Test Can Reveal About Your Relationships

The MBTI Personality Test is an attempt by psychologists to categorize different personality types. The Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personal inventory that is meant to make the theory of psychological types described by Carl Jung understandable and accessible to people’s lives.((The Meyers-Briggs Foundation: MBTI)) But did you know that you can actually use […]

This new AI can track 200 eye movements to determine your personality traits

YouTube/Tobii Gaming German scientists have developed software that can detect character traits through eyetracking, according to a new study. Using over 200 physical behaviours, such as the frequency with which subjects blinked, the researchers established connections between eye movements and personality traits. It’s been suggested that the technology could eventually be developed to assist those […]

I got my handwriting analyzed by an expert, and what she could tell about my personality was surprisingly accurate

Phawat.Topaisan/Shutterstock Handwriting analysts believe that your style of writing can reveal aspects of your personality. I had a professional handwriting analyst look at my handwriting and tell me what she saw. As it turns out, much of her analysis was spot-on, although I’m not completely convinced. Some people claim that your handwriting is a window […]

A retired Navy SEAL commander explains the personality best-suited for life as a SEAL

St. Martin’s Press Jocko Willink served as the commander of SEAL Team 3, Task Unit Bruiser. Willink said to be a Navy SEAL you have to consider the job you’re signing up for: “You’re going to be risking your life; you’re going to be shooting guns; your job is to kill people.” Men who join […]

Friends can share similar brain waves, genetics, and personality traits — here’s why it happens

Peter Bernik / Shutterstock If you look at your friends, you may find that they are similar in a lot of ways. Research suggests this could be for a number of reasons. Friends tend to share similar brain waves, and react to situations in the same way. Also, you might share some genetic similarities with […]

Immortality, disagree, emigrate, and personality cult — here’s every word and phrase China censored after criticism of Xi Jinping’s potentially unending reign

GREG BAKER/AFP/Getty Images Earlier this week China announced it would be ending term limits for its president. That means President Xi Jinping, who was limited to two five-year terms like nearly all of his predecessors, can rule indefinitely. The change sparked a backlash online, with criticism flooding local Weibo and WeChat platforms. Unsurpringly, popular phrases were […]

The best vacation destination, based on your personality type

Choosing your next vacation destination isn’t always easy but it can be if you do it based on your personality. Tulum, Mexico is the perfect destination for those who are laid back and want a stress-free vacation. Adventure seekers will enjoy all of the thrills that Iceland has to offer. High energy: Buenos Aires, Argentina […]

Facebook tries giving chatbots a consistent personality

Dig into the personalities of chat bots and you’ll find that they’re about as shallow as they were in the days of Eliza or Dr. Sbaitso. They respond with canned phrases and tend to be blithely unaware of what you’ve said. Facebook wants to fix that. Its research team has tested a new approach that […]