Performer of the Week: Jim Parsons

THE PERFORMER | Jim Parsons THE SHOW | The Big Bang Theory THE EPISODE | “The Stockholm Syndrome” (May 16, 2019) THE PERFORMANCE | “This honor doesn’t just belong to me,” said Sheldon as he began his Nobel Prize acceptance speech. And neither does this Performer of the Week distinction just belong to his portrayer; […]

Performer of the Week: Issa Rae

THE PERFORMER | Issa Rae THE SHOW | Insecure THE EPISODE | “Fresh-Like” (Sept. 2, 2018) THE PERFORMANCE | As Issa settled into her new apartment and her new side gig as the complex’s manager — squirrels and all — Molly declared her BFF a “brand-new bitch.” But we hope that she’s never completely transformed, because we […]

Performer of the Week: Sutton Foster

THE PERFORMER | Sutton Foster THE SHOW | Younger THE EPISODE | “Big Little Liza” (July 10, 2018) THE PERFORMANCE | Liza Miller is a woman of many hats (including the one pictured above!) and she wore ’em all on Tuesday’s Younger, arguably one of the series’ strongest episodes yet. It was a real showcase for Foster, who effortlessly toggled […]

Performer of the Week: Judy Reyes

THE PERFORMER | Judy Reyes THE SHOW | Claws THE EPISODE | “Scream” (July 1, 2018) THE PERFORMANCE | Quiet Ann wasn’t so quiet this week on TNT’s nail-salon dramedy… and we’re so glad she finally spoke up. The stoic, baseball bat-wielding enforcer definitely found her voice in an unexpected showcase episode, and Reyes took the opportunity and ran with […]