Performer of the Week: Issa Rae

THE PERFORMER | Issa Rae THE SHOW | Insecure THE EPISODE | “Fresh-Like” (Sept. 2, 2018) THE PERFORMANCE | As Issa settled into her new apartment and her new side gig as the complex’s manager — squirrels and all — Molly declared her BFF a “brand-new bitch.” But we hope that she’s never completely transformed, because we […]

Performer of the Week: Sutton Foster

THE PERFORMER | Sutton Foster THE SHOW | Younger THE EPISODE | “Big Little Liza” (July 10, 2018) THE PERFORMANCE | Liza Miller is a woman of many hats (including the one pictured above!) and she wore ’em all on Tuesday’s Younger, arguably one of the series’ strongest episodes yet. It was a real showcase for Foster, who effortlessly toggled […]

Performer of the Week: Judy Reyes

THE PERFORMER | Judy Reyes THE SHOW | Claws THE EPISODE | “Scream” (July 1, 2018) THE PERFORMANCE | Quiet Ann wasn’t so quiet this week on TNT’s nail-salon dramedy… and we’re so glad she finally spoke up. The stoic, baseball bat-wielding enforcer definitely found her voice in an unexpected showcase episode, and Reyes took the opportunity and ran with […]

Performer of the Week: Billy Porter

THE PERFORMER | Billy Porter THE SHOW | Pose THE EPISODE | “The Fever” (June 24, 2018) THE PERFORMANCE | From the instant we laid eyes (and ears) on Pose’s Pray Tell — the boisterous emcee of the New York City ball scene, as depicted on the FX drama — we were enamored. Every exaggerated reaction and whip-smart critique drew […]