$24,000 crowdfunded for father who attacked pedophile doctor Larry Nassar

A GoFundMe campaign has raised more than $ 24,000 for the father who attacked convicted pedophile Larry Nassar in court on Friday. Randall Margraves attempted to get his hands on the disgraced US gymnastics team doctor, who has been sentenced to 175 years in prison, after his daughters gave victim impact statements detailing the abuse […]

Daughter murdered after ‘walking in on killer dismembering pedophile father,’ police believe

Published time: 11 Dec, 2017 16:44 Police have made the grisly discovery of the dismembered body of a registered sex offender and his adult daughter. It is thought that the woman may have disturbed the killer chopping up her father’s corpse, resulting in her own grisly end. Metropolitan Police officers forced their way into a […]

‘Are you a pedophile?’ Duterte blasts Human Rights Chief ‘fixated’ on teenage victims of drug war

Published time: 16 Sep, 2017 22:22 Are you a pedophile? This is how Philippines president launched his latest tirade against the country’s human rights commission chief, as Chito Gascon seemed to be only concerned about the teenage victims in the nation’s ongoing war on drugs, Rodrigo Duterte believes. Duterte posed the question to Commission on […]

Sex scandal in Russian orphanage: Graduate opens up on years of mass pedophile abuse

Children at a St Petersburg orphanage were “threatened to be sent to a mental health facility” if they refused to please their abusive tutors, a graduate has revealed in a shocking documentary, which prompted a large-scale investigation and multiple arrests. “I was 13 years old… I have been abused by an orphanage graduate… He took […]