Germans favor withdrawal of US troops, not paying more for US ‘protection’ – poll

Almost every second German favors the withdrawal of US forces based there, according to a poll taken prior to the NATO summit, at which Donald Trump accused Berlin of relying on Washington’s protection and not contributing enough. Some 42 percent of Germans are ready to see 35,000 US troops return home, a new YouGov poll, […]

Planting spies, paying people to post on social media, and pretending the news doesn’t exist: This is how China tries to distract people from human rights abuses

Kevin Frayer/Getty The Chinese Communist Party is keen to portray itself as a peaceful and scandal-free power. It refuses to acknowledge its human rights abuses, and discrimination against LGBT community and feminists. It’s not easy to do in the digital age, where nearly half of China’s citizens use the internet. These are four of the […]

Ryanair check-in charge: How to avoid paying the £55 fee under strict new rules

Ryanair announced this week it was cutting its check-in window from four days to 48 hours. Any passenger who arrives at an airport without having checked in beforehand is forced to pay a fee of £55, so it’s going to be more difficult to avoid that fee after the new rule comes into force in […]

Trump tweeted a Mother’s Day video paying tribute to his own late mother — here’s what else he’s said about the life and lasting influence of Mary Trump

President Donald Trump tweeted a video Sunday in honor of Mother’s Day, in which he gave a touching tribute to his own late mother. Mary MacLeod Trump passed away in 2000 but has had a lasting presence in Trump’s public image, campaign and statements. President Donald Trump tweeted a video in honor of Mother’s Day […]

You can insure TVs, trips, phones, and more — here’s how to decide if it’s worth paying for insurance

  Studio/Shutterstock Insurance is offered by companies for practically anything these days — you can expect an offer to buy insurance for your car, a new tv, and even your airline ticket to London.  Companies seem to be increasingly offering insurance on all manner of things in part because of loss aversion — but more importantly […]

It’s time to start paying attention to the stock market’s ‘biggest risk’

Thomson Reuters Credit spread is the difference between yields with the same maturities and varying quality.  The credit spread has widened over recent weeks.  A widening credit spread is the “biggest risk” to the stock market, according to one analyst.  Tightening credit conditions could mean bad news for the stock market.  The credit spread, which […]

How to unblock a toilet in SECONDS with a 70p household item – and avoid paying a plumber

Toilet blockages are a pain – but a plumbing expert has provided a cheap and effective solution to the common problem. Speaking about how to unblock a toilet, he revealed the issue can be tackled without forking out cash. You can remove the blockage simply by using a cheap item lying around your house. That item […]

Travel insurance: You could be paying 18 times more for insurance with these providers

DAVID SEAR Many add-on travel insurance policies are ‘not fit for purpose’ A recent investigation by Which? Travel has raised questions over whether add-on travel insurance policies are value for money and fit for purpose. It revealed that holidaymakers who buy add-on travel insurance at the same time as buying flights or holidays online can […]

4 reasons I won’t be paying for my kid’s college education

China Photos/Getty Images College costs are steep and rising, and there are several compelling arguments for declining to foot the bill for your child’s education. It can help your child to understand the value of money and build a healthy relationship with it early on.  There are ways to encourage a college education without paying […]