Urjit Patel, the head of the Reserve Bank of India, resigns

LAST MONTH Viral Acharya, a deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), suggested in a speech that the Indian government was risking “economic fire” by meddling with the bank. If he was right, on December 10th the last chance of dousing the flames may have been missed. Urjit Patel, the RBI’s governor, abruptly […]

Piers Morgan CLASHES with Priti Patel during awkward first interview since May's ‘sacking'

Patel resigned from her role as international development secretary in November last year after it emerged that she was not candid about unofficial meetings with Israeli ministers.  The 45-year-old caused chaos for Prime Minister Theresa May who lost two cabinet members in the same week, causing some to question the power she has over the country.  Patel […]

Conservative MP SLAMS BBC for 'distracting' Priti Patel media circus during ITV interview

His appearance came in light of Patel’s resignation yesterday after admitting to two previously undisclosed meetings with Israeli politicians on top of another alleged breach of protocol.  The Tory MP gave an interview on Good Morning Britain and took the opportunity to express his sorrow over what he called “a great loss”.  Zahawi told ITV […]

Priti Patel resigns amid row over secret meetings with Israeli politicians

Published time: 8 Nov, 2017 20:43 Priti Patel resigned from her post as international development minister moments after her meeting with Theresa May on Wednesday. Patel was summoned to Downing Street from Africa, after further details emerged over secret meetings while she was on a family holiday, this summer. The Tory MP was recalled to […]

Will May fire Patel? Tory who held ‘undisclosed’ meetings with Israelis summoned back to London

Published time: 8 Nov, 2017 10:57 Tory minister Priti Patel is en route to Britain on Downing Street’s orders following a disclosure that while on “holiday” in Israel she held unauthorized meetings with politicians. It is widely expected she’ll be clearing her desk before day’s end. The International Development Secretary’s fate appears to be sealed […]

Dev Patel and Ben Stiller to Star in the Grisly, Blood-Soaked True Story of the Chippendales

In light of the wild commercial success of Magic Mike (and, to a lesser extent, its sequel), it’s frankly a little surprising we haven’t been deluged with male stripper movies. But one is apparently on the way now, and it looks like a doozy: Chippendales, the true origin story of the male stripping empire, whose […]

Dev Patel and Ben Stiller to Star in ‘Chippendales’ Movie About the Famous Male Strip Club

A movie based on the creation of the famous Chippendales male strip club back in the 1980s has been kicking around Hollywood for decades, and it seems like all it needed to finally get some legitimate traction was the greased up dance moves of the Magic Mike movies. Bold Films has reportedly committed to finance the new Chippendales […]