Tram derails & overturns in Lisbon, sending 26 rush-hour passengers to hospital (VIDEO)

At least 28 people have been injured after a tram derailed and flipped over in the Portuguese capital during Friday evening rush hour, Portuguese emergency services have reported. The electric vehicle derailed in the Lapa district of Lisbon at around 6:00pm, at a curve at the base of a steep hill, before striking a building […]

Flight secrets: Cabin crew's one simple trick will help protect you from smelly passengers

Flights are bad enough without having to endure bad smells, but frustratingly there’s little passengers can do to control who they are sat near on a plane. If another flier has bad body odour or has been sick – what can you do to mask the smell? A cabin crew member has revealed there’s a […]

WATCH: Passengers 'screaming' as plane fills with SMOKE during flight in viral video

The IndiGo flight was travelling from Jaipur to Kolkata when the incident occurred. Flight 6E-237 was carrying 136 passengers when smoke began to fill the cabin mid-air. The pilot was forced to issue a May Day call before making an emergency landing in Kolkata Airport. No passengers were thought to have been injured in the […]

THIS is the most annoying thing passengers do at the airport – do you do it?

Flights see thousands of passengers pouring into airports as they prepare to jet off for business or leisure. Unfortunately, with stress levels high, airports are after a place when travellers can forget normal manners. This leads to numerous passengers feeling highly frustrated when it comes to airport travel – and there’s one thing in particular that really […]

Hand luggage: New rules mean Australia passengers could face this confusing problem

Hand luggage passengers travelling in Australia on holiday will face new restrictions by airlines. Virgin Australia and Quantas, among other airlines, are clamping down on passengers who break the tight weight restrictions for bags being taken onto the cabin. Both only allow 7kg in weight for luggage that is not checked in, with travellers often […]

Airline Surprises Passengers With ‘ChristmasWings’ Tacky Christmas Sweater Flight

Eurowings Surprises Passengers With Tacky Christmas Sweaters Advertiser Disclosure The credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). This site does not include all […]

Cruise secrets: Why can passengers never find this mysterious location on a cruise ship?

Cruise ships may be filled with the latest technology and top entertainment – but there is one thing many vessels do not have. Numerous cruise ships will omit one important place from the boat. Some of the world’s biggest cruise lines refuse to have a 13th deck. Instead, the decks will be numbered up to […]

Cruise passengers left STRANDED in holiday nightmare when ship leaves without them

Cruise ship passengers were horrified when, during a stop-off to Havana, Cuba, their Norwegian Cruise Line ship left the island without them. US tourist Kevin Rohrer and his girlfriend returned to the dock after a day of exploring the city only to find they were completely stranded. The ship, Norwegian Sky, had left without them, […]

WATCH: Passengers horrified when VERY violent fight breaks out on plane

Flights for some passengers are an opportunity to sit back and enjoy an alcoholic beverage. But a traveller’s need for more alcohol on an American Airlines flight to Miami from Saint Croix, USA, descended into a brutal fight on board. A shocking viral video has captured a violent punch-up in the gangway of a plane. It […]

Cruise WARNING: Passengers could be set to travel by BUS as water levels drop

Cruises in Europe are set to be hit this Christmas as water levels drop so low boats cannot travel by river. The Danube and Rhine have been struck by record low water levels following a hot summer and dry autumn. The rivers are hugely popular with cruise passengers on holiday in Germany, Austria and Hungary. […]