“Emotional support squirrel” on plane drives passengers nuts

A woman attempting to fly her “emotional support squirrel” from Orlando, FL to Cleveland, OH delayed her flight nearly two hours as crew was forced to call law enforcement to remove her from the plane. The unidentified woman was removed from the Frontier Airlines flight in a wheelchair by Orlando police after she refused to […]

Primera Air collapse leaves thousands stranded abroad – what passengers should do next

Low-cost airline Primera Air has gone into administration. Thousands of passengers have been stranded abroad, with the airline flying between the UK and Europe, the USA and Canada. All flights, primarily from Stansted Airport, have been stopped with immediate effect from today (2 October). What should passengers do if they have flights booked with the […]

WATCH: Passengers injured after turbulence throws them across the cabin

Approximately 30 passengers were reported to be injured following the severe turbulence. Flight 423 was travelling from Guadalajara to Tijuana when the incident occurred. The passengers and crew members travelling on the Volaris flight hit strong winds which caused the incident. Eight of the injured passengers and four flight attendants were taken to hospital after […]

Flight secrets: Cabin crew warn passengers to never do one common thing mid-flight

Flight attendants onboard know all of the tricks of the trade when it coming to the aircraft. They also know all of the most disgusting secrets, such as how little the water tank is cleaned to people putting toenails in the front seat compartment. A cabin crew member recently took to popular online forum Reddit […]

WATCH: Baggage handler caught stealing items from Ryanair passengers bag in shocking video

The Ryanair passenger was travelling from Ibiza to Madrid when he spotted the incident. Footage posted on Spanish paper Diario de Ibiza captured the man opening a case on the luggage trolley that was waiting to be put on the flight. He was then spotted taking a red speaker out and putting it in his […]

‘This stinks’: Passengers left abandoned by toiletless train after loo break in Wales

Rail passengers in Wales were abandoned at a station after being told that the train they were traveling on – which had no working toilets – would make a special stop to allow commuters to go to the bathroom. Passengers boarded the bathroomless train at Haverfordwest, West Wales to make the two-and-a-half-hour trip to Cardiff. […]

Passengers from two flights under 'medical review' days after Emirates New York incident

The two American Airlines flights were met by emergency medical screening when landing, with 250 crew members and passengers involved. Onboard, 12 passengers fell ill with flu-like symptoms which resulted in the incident. An airport spokeswoman confirmed that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had also been notified. It comes just days after […]

Ryanair hand luggage: Airline changes rules AGAIN for passengers

Ryanair passengers who had booked a flight from 1 November onwards would have been subject to the new hand luggage changes. This would mean either paying for Priority Boarding at £6, or for a 10kg bag for £8 to be put into the hold. The airline said this would affect all passengers no matter when […]

BREAKING: Emirates flight from Dubai to New York quarantined – 10 passengers ill onboard

Emirates flight 203 was travelling from Dubai to New York when the incident occurred. Of the 500 passengers onboard, 10 of them reported feeling unwell upon landing, despite earlier reports of 100 passengers. The plane landed earlier this morning where it was met by a quarantine area to check the passengers’ health. Centers for Disease […]