Taliban storms Afghanistan’s Ghazni, seizes control of parts of city

Taliban fighters attacked the city of Ghazni in central Afghanistan early on Friday, burning police checkpoints, shelling buildings and seizing control of parts of the city, officials said. The Defense Ministry in Kabul said the attackers had been driven off but were still present in one area of the city and had occupied civilian houses, […]

BBC weather forecast: HEAVY downpours to ravage parts of the UK – Find out where HERE!

Wednesday will start off with some showers in parts of Wales, western England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The heaviest rain is likely to be in Scotland, where it will be thundery at times with downpours. Meteorologist Matt Terry, who presented the BBC Breakfast  weather report from Tatton Park in Cheshire, England, told viewers rain was […]

BMW M2 M Performance Parts Concept Hits Goodwood Festival of Speed

While old school BMW enthusiasts love to criticize their favorite brand for spoiling itself with electronic steering and sacrificing fun for technology, proponents of other automakers claim Bavarian Motor Works has flat out ruined itself. However, the truth of the matter is that BMW still offers an array of suburb performance vehicles that many still find […]

AirPod-holstering Apple Watch band is equal parts obnoxious and useful

Just when you thought goofy AirPod shirt-collar pockets were bad, another company comes along to prove you wrong. Elago (not to be confused with Elgato) has come out with an AirPod-holding wristband accessory for the Apple Watch, as spotted by Macrumors. The $ 14.99 silicone Wrist Fit band is an add-on that slides on to […]

Regional banks are gaining ground ahead of a vote to roll back parts of Dodd-Frank

Evan Al-Amin/Shutterstock Regional bank stocks are jumping ahead of a Senate vote on whether to roll back some important elements of the Dodd-Frank Act.  The rollback would expand the number of regional banks that won’t be subject to stringent Dodd-Frank Regulation.  Watch the Spider S&P Regional Banking ETF trade in real time here.  Regional bank […]

Chevy Colorado aftermarket support picking with new, specialized parts

For years, the Toyota Tacoma has been the go-to option for off-road pickup trucks. Like the Jeep Wrangler, there seems to be endless support from the aftermarket for Tacoma owners. Thanks to the new Chevy Colorado, the Tacoma is no longer the only big player in the midsize-truck markert (sorry Nissan Frontier owners). The aftermarket […]

Invasive, toxic caterpillars that can kill are about to invade parts of London

Enlarge / Thaumetopoea processionea in procession around an oak tree. (credit: Kleuske) An invasive, toxic species of caterpillar has officials in the UK on edge. Authorities are now warning residents to avoid the caterpillars and their prickly, poisonous hairs that can irritate and kill. “It’s time to be vigilant! Oak Processionary Moth spotted in parks […]

NASA’s Orion crew capsule will have over 100 3D printed parts

It’s not just revolutionary start-ups like Rocket Lab that are using 3D printing to create their rockets and spaceships. NASA’s new crew capsule Orion will have over 100 3D printed parts specially developed by prime contractor Lockheed Martin, in cooperation with 3D printing experts Stratasys and the engineering firm PADT. According to Stratasys, these parts […]

Carl Icahn is unloading auto parts maker Federal-Mogul in a $5.4 billion deal

Brendan McDermid/Reuters Carl Icahn has agreed to sell auto parts maker Federal-Mogul to Tenneco for $ 5.4 billion. Tenneco will pay $ 800 million in cash and 29.5 million of its common shares, in addition to taking on debt. (Reuters) – Activist investor Carl Icahn said on Tuesday he was selling auto parts maker Federal-Mogul to Tenneco Inc <TEN.N> in […]