These solar panels can pull clean drinking water out of the air — and they’ve spread to 10 countries around the world

Zero Mass Water  Zero Mass Water makes solar panel arrays that pull clean drinking water from the air. The $ 4,500 arrays launched in the United States in late 2017. Now they’re expanding to Australia thanks to a $ 420,000 grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. Zero Mass arrays could come in handy in […]

Installation costs so much that it’s better to use expensive solar panels

Enlarge / Row of new Dutch houses with solar panels attached on the roofs. (credit: Lawrence Berkeley Lab) As the price of solar panels has plunged, a strange thing has happened. The panels have gone from being a large fraction of installation costs to a relatively minor component. That means all the other things—permits, labor, […]

Trump administration slaps steep tariffs on imported washing machines and solar panels

REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach The White House approved a 30% tariff on imported solar panels. The tariff will apply only to solar cells and modules above 2.5 gigawatts. WASHINGTON/LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump slapped steep tariffs on imported washing machines and solar panels on Monday, marking his first moves to erect trade restrictions under […]

Gorogoa review: Beneath four panels hide gaming’s most beautiful surprise

Enlarge / Look into the eye of the incredible Gorogoa. (credit: Jason Roberts) After my last click of the mouse, the screen went to black, with only the word “Gorogoa” flashing. Those seven all-caps letters exploded out of the emptiness I’d just exposed by solving the final puzzle. I nearly doubled over in my chair, […]

The Body Electric: Lamborghini Terzo Millennio EV Concept Features Energy-Storing Body Panels

– Lamborghini, the automaker that wears a flame-throwing V-12 engine on its sleeve, is finally doing an electric hypercar. But the engineers in Sant’Agata Bolognese refuse to do one like everyone else. – The Terzo Millennio is a static design mockup for battery technology that won’t exist for at least another few years. Never mind those […]

Superhero Bits: Harley Quinn Day, ABC Worried About Inhumans, NYCC Panels & More

Which Marvel shows will be coming to New York Comic-Con? Why is ABC already worried about Inhumans? Why did Cate Blanchett decide to take the role of Hela in Thor: Ragnarok? How did Batman: The Animated Series change the way we think about superhero adaptations? What can we expect from Harley Quinn Day this month? […]

800,000 low-income UK homes to benefit from free solar panels

One of the biggest ever green energy schemes in the UK is set to provide clean energy for as many as 800,000 low-income homes over the next five years, renewable energy provider Solarplicity has revealed. As part of a £160 million investment from Netherlands-based Maas Capital (part of the ABN AMRO Bank), the company will […]