Evocative Paintings of Frames from Modern Movie Classics

Plenty of visual artists have taken their inspiration from the movies. Hong Kong-based painter Chow Chun Fai’s remarkable series “Painting on Movies,” showcased in his new solo show “CHOW CHUN FAI” at New York’s Eli Klein Gallery, takes a more direct approach: the artist replicates frames from iconic films from around the world, complete with subtitles at […]

Ramble Allows Players To Walk Through Gorgeous Paintings

Ramble has taken procedural generation and used it to create shifting worlds of watercolor artwork, having you traverse beautiful landscapes as you watch the visuals come to life. You’ll have a front row seat to an ever-changing art show as you explore painted worlds, meandering through the generated areas in first person. While there is […]

“Art Frame Design” Mixes Classic Paintings and Contemporary Photography

Some of the most iconic works of visual art are finding themselves in decidedly contemporary surroundings via “Art Frame Design,”a clever new Instagram account that came to our attention on Bored Panda. The gimmick, cooked up by “Michael T.” of the webzine Milkshake, is the use of modern fashion photographs as “frames” for classical paintings […]

Earth’s first artists? Oldest known cave paintings created by ‘sophisticated’ Neanderthals (VIDEO)

More sophisticated and closer to modern humans than previously thought, Neanderthals were the world’s first artists, according to new research which has uncovered cave art in Spain thought to be some 65,000 years old. The incredible discovery calls into question previous assumptions about the archaic humans and suggests they may have had an artistic sense […]

Artist Questions the Value of Modern Masters and Art World Politics in Satirical Paintings

Havana-born, self-taught artist CB Hoyo questions the value of art and the politics of art criticism in his colorful acrylic paintings. Hoyo playfully recreates the works of contemporary icons like Warhol and Banksy, writing humorous stream-of-consciousness musings across the artworks, mocking the often superficial nature of our society. Hoyo asks us to question our own […]

Dreamy Watercolor Paintings of Amateur Porn Thumbnails

Los Angeles-based artist Ali Silverstein’s work was featured in the The Chronicles of LA’s inaugural chapter of experiential pop-up stores and exhibits—this one installed in the now vacant Barclay Hotel. There, 60 artists, designers, performers, and musicians shared their perspective about sex. It was a resonate setting for Silverstein who describes her process as evidence-gathering […]

How the British Fooled the Germans — With Cubist Paintings

The man was no fan of the modern stuff. Despite being a very successful artist, Norman Wilkinson rejected the bold, contrasting colors and aggressive geometry of the cubists, preferring to stick to his very realistic naval battles and idyllic landscapes. But that didn’t mean turning his back on new ideas altogether: In fact, while sweeping […]

Wonderfully Weird Paintings of Creepy Kids

LA-based artist Erik Mark Sandberg’s paintings of creepy, hairy children look like characters from Charles Burns’ Black Hole series. They are monstrous but innocent, creepy yet sweet; teenagers look cool in Black Flag tees despite their deformed faces. We first learned about Sandberg’s feral kiddies on The Jealous Curator, which references a Beautiful/Decay interview Sandberg […]

Candy-Colored Paintings of Ferociously Erotic and Violent Women

Los Angeles-based artist Kristen Liu-Wong has a background in illustration, lending to her graphic style of painting and use of patterns, color, and compositions. Her themes are influenced by the style of cartoons she watched as a child, Shunga (erotic Japanese art) and architecture. All of this is evident in her series featuring ferocious women […]

Minimalist Paintings of Produce That Evoke the Weird Charm of City Living

Toronto-based artist Caitlyn Murphy, who we first learned about on the Jealous Curator, creates tactile gouache-on-paper paintings of produce that city people are all too familiar with. You know, the kind of bananas that are spotted like leopards and tomatoes so overripe they collapse under even your sharpest knife. There are no precious display stands […]