US veterans overwhelmingly want troops out of Afghanistan – poll

A new poll shows a majority of US residents support withdrawing all troops from Afghanistan, 17 years into a war that shows no signs of ending. Support for winding down the interminable conflict is even higher among veterans. The YouGov poll revealed 61 percent of US residents would support the president removing all troops from […]

Fed-up AMA doctors overwhelmingly support gun restrictions in sweeping votes

Enlarge / Semi-automatic long guns for sale are on display at Texas Gun, one of the 6,700 firearm dealers located near the 2,000 miles long U.S.-Mexico border. (credit: Getty | Gilles Mingasson ) The doctors are in—and frustrated, according to a series of votes at the American Medical Association’s annual policymaking meeting wrapping up in […]

Toyota’s New Electric Motor Cuts Need for Costly (and Overwhelmingly China-Sourced) Rare-Earth Metal

– Automakers are making nearly continuous improvements to vehicle engines and structures by alloying their steels with an evolving list of special ingredients such as manganese, titanium, chromium, and nickel. But for electric cars, the essential recipe for making the physics work in electric motors and batteries can seem more than a little daunting. – […]

House overwhelmingly approves new sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea over White House objections

Mikhail Klimentyev/Pool Photo via AP, File WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to slap new sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea, despite President Donald Trump’s objections to the legislation. As voting continued, House members backed the measure by a margin of 388-2, with strong support from Trump’s fellow […]

Property price SURGE in Brexit areas that voted overwhelmingly to leave EU

HomeOwnersAlliance analysed data released by the Office for National Statistics and discovered the findings. Comparing changes in property values with the results of the referendum reveals the unexpected pattern, and suggests there is a clear ‘Brexit effect’, with property prices performing better in areas that voted most strongly to leave the EU. The five regions […]