Mindy Kaling took her ‘Wreath Witherspoon’ pun to the next level with more over-the-top celebrity Christmas decorations

Hulu Mindy Kaling revisited the holiday pun “Wreath Witherspoon,” a Christmas wreath with pictures of actress Reese Witherspoon, that first debuted on “The Mindy Project” in 2014. This year, Kaling took the pun to the next level by creating other holiday decorations playing off celebrity names. There’s “Matthew McConau-Tree,” “Margaret Cho Flake,” and “Chris Pine […]

Spotify users request refunds after over-the-top Drake promotion

Last week, Drake smashed the single-day record for total number of album streams on Spotify with the release of his new record Scorpion, but the artist had some help in making that happen. Spotify placed Drake prominently on its playlists, effectively allowing the artist to “take over” the music service over the weekend. While Drake […]

Punch Your Friends Through Buildings In Over-The-Top Brawler Fly Punch Boom!

If you know anything about Dragon Ball Z, you’re probably know it for the moments of mountain-shattering, world-cracking, energy-unleashing fighting. But beyond the actual licensed games, few games have attempted to capture the destruction and dynamic nature of those fights, besides a few freeware games and the charged punching action of Aces Wild. Fly Punch […]

‘It’s all marketing’: Shaq weighs in on LaVar Ball’s over-the-top persona

Business Insider asked Shaquille O’Neal for his thoughts on LaVar Ball, father of Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball, before he was the recipient of critical tweets from President Trump.  Shaq stopped by Business Insider to talk about his collaboration with home security technology company Ring, to raise awareness about how homeowners can better protect their property this […]

'Onrush' revives the over-the-top off-road racing game genre

Not too long ago, we compiled a list of racing games we wanted to see make a return to modern game systems. Among them were a number of arcade-style off-road racing titles, one of which was Motorstorm, a Playstation-exclusive series developed by now-defunct Evolution Studios. As we have learned, that very game series is getting […]

Mothergunship is a game that mixes over-the-top first-person shooting and bullet hell projectile avo

Mothergunship is a game that mixes over-the-top first-person shooting and bullet hell projectile avoidance. It’s all about movement. Oh, and also crafting ridiculous guns, like a twelve barrel monstrosity that fires rockets. It’s from the person who made Tower of Guns, and it’s releasing… eventually. Kotaku