A group with a major role in World War I has gone overlooked on the 100th anniversary of the war’s end

Ludovic Marin/Pool Photo via AP PARIS (AP) — Buried in French President Emmanuel Macron’s speech on the sacrifice of “young men” in World War I Sunday was a reference to the “three million widows” the fallen soldiers left behind. The role women played in the war was only mentioned in passing as dozens of world […]

Parkinson’s disease – the ‘often overlooked’ symptom you should never ignore

Parkinson’s disease a brain condition that causes symptoms to become progressively worse over a number of years, according to the NHS. It’s caused by a loss of nerve cells in a part of the brain known as the substantia nigra. Parkinson’s disease symptoms usually include tremors, slow movement and muscle stiffness. But, you could also […]

A matchmaker says there’s a simple but overlooked way to boost your chances of finding a relationship

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock If you’re looking for a relationship, tell your friends and ask them to set you up. That’s advice from Miami-based matchmaker Claudia Duran. Research suggests most people still met through friends as of 2010, and our friends can sometimes know us better than we know ourselves. Last year, I asked career expert Toni […]

2019 Chevrolet Volt: The Overlooked ‘Electric’ Wants You to Plug In More Often

It’s not a pure EV, but in the early part of this decade, Chevrolet’s Volt offered one of the few mass-produced electric driving experiences on the market. Now in its second generation, GM’s “extended-range electric vehicle” — which packs a 1.5-liter gas generator — has seen its status dwindle as all-electric competitors rivals sprout like dandelions […]

The 19 coolest, most overlooked places for a summer holiday in Europe

Flickr/Christoph Sammer Globetrotters are always looking for new, under-the-radar travel destinations that provide a chance to escape the crowds and sea of selfie sticks.  As summer kicks off, Business Insider asked friends, colleagues, and some of the world’s top travel experts for their favourite — and most overlooked — European destinations that can be seen […]

Explore the overlooked destination of Greece's Peloponnese

GETTY The Greek Peloponnese isn’t on everyone’s list but has a real pull Until recently, it wasn’t on my radar either. In fact, it wasn’t until a friend’s family trekked the Peloponnese, and fell so in love with the region that they moved there, that I began planning a trip of my own. Luckily, it’s […]

The founder of AOL and the author of ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ are touring the country with a $150 million seed fund for startups in overlooked American cities

_ Revolution This post is part of Business Insider’s ongoing series on Better Capitalism. AOL cofounder Steve Case runs the Washington, DC-based venture capital firm Revolution, which focuses on businesses outside of Silicon Valley. Last December, he announced that he and “Hillbilly Elegy” author JD Vance were overseeing a $ 150 million Rise of the Rest […]