Scientists have found two planets outside our solar system that could host extra-terrestrial life

NASA Scientists may have just come closer to answering questions about whether other planets in the universe may be able to support life. The researchers used data on the UV levels required to make the molecular structures needed within a functioning cell. The team used this data to search for planets receiving similar UV levels […]

20 places you can get a great tech job outside of Silicon Valley

f11photo/Shutterstock Job prospects in the contemporary tech industry are spreading from Silicon Valley to cities across the country.  Huntsville, Alabama has seen the largest surge in opportunities, with growth of over 300% between 2016 and 2017.  Tech companies are attracted to these locations due to tax breaks and a low cost of living. A diaspora of […]

What vitamin comes from the sun? Spend this much time outside to avoid a deficiency

WHAT vitamin comes from the sun? Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D and this vitamin plays an important part in keeping a person healthy. A deficiency in vitamin D can cause symptoms including bone and back pain, and fatigue and tiredness. But how much time should you be spending in the sun every […]

Couple forced to live outside UK have house turned into weed farm and destroyed by fire

A British man, whose wife has been prevented from entering the UK and who was told in March that his house had been turned into a cannabis farm by illegal immigrants, has now discovered that it’s been destroyed by a fire. The blaze at his home in Northumberland has left 47-year-old Michael Grieve on the […]

Heartland Tech Weekly: Silicon Valley excess spreads outside the Bay Area

Typically, when a startup goes public after reaching a billion-dollar plus valuation, it’s considered a “win” for that community. But what happens when that billion-dollar company is no longer a unicorn? Earlier this month, Domo, a Utah-based business analytics startup founded by serial entrepreneur Josh James, filed for an IPO. The milestone shoul…Read More

A crypto miner trolls Warren Buffett with bitcoin billboards outside his office (BRKB)

Bill Pugliano/Stringer/Getty Images The founder of a crypto-mining company claims to have installed billboards trolling Warren Buffett. Buffett famously compared bitcoin to rat poison earlier this month.  Follow the price of bitcoin in real-time here.  A cryptocurrency-mining company claims to be trolling billionaire investor Warren Buffett with billboards near his Omaha office. Marco Krohn, co-founder […]

Lamborghinis lined the street outside a massive NYC cryptocurrency conference, but it turns out they were only staged rentals

Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images Lamborghinis were spotted parked outside New York’s blockchain conference Consensus this week. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts (and others) have long revered the Lamborghini as an aspirational symbol of wealth. But it turns out that the Lamborghinis in question didn’t actually belong to any of the attendees: They were staged rentals. Lamborghinis have long been […]

I tried Sweatcoin, a viral app that ‘pays you’ to walk outside — here’s how it went

Erin Brodwin / Business Insider I’m no stranger to fitness apps, having tried everything from an app that promises the benefits of a trip to the gym in seven minutes to a tool that lets you track and share your runs with other users. But when I first heard about Sweatcoin, an app that “pays you” […]

Britons looking for sun and sea should head outside of the Eurozone study reveals

The weak pound against the euro has meant Britons looking for good value beach resorts should look outside the Eurozone. Bulgaria and Turkey are far cheaper than their lowest-priced Eurozone competitors, including Portugal’s Algarve and Spain’s Costa del Sol. This is according to this year’s Post Office Travel Money Holiday Costs Barometer, which has crowned […]

Anti-abortion protesters banned from ‘harassing’ women outside termination clinic

Anti-abortion protesters allegedly threatening women outside termination clinics by telling them that their fetus would come back to haunt them have been banned in a west London borough. Ealing Council’s cabinet voted for the implementation of a safe zone outside the Marie Stopes clinic in order to ensure pregnant women are able to pursue their […]