Orphan Age Balances Risk & Reward As You Keep Kids Alive In A Warzone

Children of war must develop far quicker than the average child. With danger lurking in every corner, Orphan Age revolves around keeping a band of kids, each with their own personalities, safe and sound through decisive efforts as you scrounge for what you need in a warzone. You’ll have to make tough choices to gather […]

‘Orphan Black’ Co-Creator is the New ‘Snowpiercer’ Showrunner

The Snowpiercer TV show finally has a new conductor. Previous Snowpiercer showrunner Josh Friedman left the show very quickly after TNT gave it a greenlight. Now, Orphan Black co-creator Graeme Manson will take over. TNT’s Snowpiercer TV show got off to a bumpy start. Less than two weeks after the sci-fi series received the go-ahead from TNT, original showrunner Josh Friedman departed. […]

The Orphan Chronicles: ReVere, an Innovative Carmaker that Turned Out to Be a Scam

-The ReVere Motor Car Corporation of Logansport, Indiana, may have been one of America’s first supercar makers. The marque was founded 100 years ago by Adolph Monsen, who toured the streets of Logansport in the first bare chassis on August 25, 1917. Monsen was a vehicular obsessive who got his start in the Chicago bicycle […]

TVLine's Performer of the Week: Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany

THE PERFORMER|Tatiana Maslany THE SHOW|Orphan Black THE EPISODE| “To Right the Wrongs of Many” (Aug. 12, 2017) THE PERFORMANCE| For her final Orphan Black performance, Maslany pulled off yet another magic trick: She helped deliver two babies (as Sarah) and gave birth (as Helena) at the same time. (She also welcomed little Kira into the […]

‘They shot my mom dead’: RT seeks relatives of Russian-speaking orphan stranded in Iraq

With scars across her face, an injured hand and tear-stained eyes, Mariam struggles to talk about the trauma she has faced. The Russian-speaking girl is in a Baghdad orphanage, and told RT her mother is dead and she doesn’t know where her father is. Mariam was recently brought to the same orphanage in the Iraqi […]

Quotes of the Week: Orphan Black, Younger, Weekend Update and More

We might not have any surfboards to hand out, like they will on tonight’s Teen Choice Awards, but we’d still like to recognize all the best dialogue that TV served up in the last seven days. This time around, we’ve got a moment of self-awareness on Weekend Update‘s summer premiere, a nod to HBO’s dysfunctional […]

Orphan Black Boss on Burning Qs About Kira's Dad, Charlotte's Future and More

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the very last episode of Orphan Black. Proceed at your own peril. Orphan Black may be over, but our burning questions about the series finale will never end. After weighing in on when and how he and co-creator/director John Fawcett decided what the show’s swan song would be, co-creator/writer […]

Orphan Black EPs Talk 'Quieter' Series Finale, Helena's Birth Scene, [Spoiler]'s Unhappy Ending and Movie Hopes

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the very last episode of Orphan Black. Proceed at your own peril. Clone Club finally got a taste of freedom during the Orphan Black series finale. After taking care of the heavy business of birthing Helena’s babies and killing both P.T. Westmoreland and Dr. Coady, thereby breaking Neolution’s hold […]