Doctors free to take organs unless you deliberately opt out

If not, it will be assumed they are a willing organ donor. The move has been welcomed by experts who warn of a desperate shortage of organ donors. But critics say that the change risks leaving patients confused, and research suggests that an opt out scheme may not actually increase the number of donated organs. […]

Surgeon admits burning his initials on patients’ organs

Published time: 14 Dec, 2017 03:24 A surgeon who left his initials on his patients’ livers has pled guilty to two charges of assault by beating. Simon Bramhall, a liver, spleen and pancreas surgeon, carried out the branding in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham in 2013. He used an argon beam, a device used […]

Can Made-to-Order Organs Revive This Former Mill Town?

Ever since the early 19th century, when Derryfield renamed itself Manchester after the English manufacturing capital of the world, the industrial aims of this New Hampshire city have been clear. Those ambitions were pressed by its business class, from Samuel Blodget, a lumber tycoon who built a canal to harness the power of nearby waterfalls, […]

Ontario mom mourning her daughter shocked to find she could overrule her wish to donate organs

An Ontario mother who lost her daughter in a car accident over a week ago is seeking changes to this province’s organ donation rules. She says she was asked if she wished to reverse her daughter’s registration as a donor while in hospital. CBC | Health News

ISS will carry artificial organs in hope of medical breakthrough

In the near future, the International Space Station (ISS) will serve as home to five organs-on-chips research experiments. Each one will tackle a different issue, but all of them are expected to shed light on the effects of microgravity on the human body and could lead to better treatments and drugs without the need for […]