Meet the 22-year Oracle veteran executive who’s going to lead Google in the cloud wars against Amazon and Microsoft (ORCL)

Shutterstock On Friday, Diane Greene announced she would be stepping down as Google Cloud’s chief exec.  Greene’s replacement will be the 22-year Oracle veteran Thomas Kurian, who before resigning in September, was president of product development with the company, and a key player in its cloud efforts. When he steps into the role in January, […]

Oracle founder Larry Ellison says its ’embarrassing’ for Amazon that it relies so heavily on Oracle’s technology (ORCL, AMZN)

Oracle Oracle founder Larry Ellison said “it’s kind of embarrassing” for Amazon that it uses Oracle’s databases to power its own business — especially considering Amazon offers its own databases that compete with Oracle’s.  Ellison was responding to a report from last week that Amazon intends to get off of Oracle’s products completely by 2020.  […]

100% accuracy: Russian oracle cat on target with World Cup predictions

A deaf cat named Achilles who lives in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg has accurately predicted the results of each of the four World Cup matches he has been asked to foretell. Read more Achilles predicted that Russia would win the World Cup opener against Saudi Arabia, which ended in favour of the hosts […]

Oracle updates enterprise security service with machine learning

Oracle added machine learning to its cloud management product to help better secure businesses from threats. The renamed Management and Security Cloud will take in data from on-premises and cloud infrastructure, then analyze them to help determine what might be a threat to a company’s data. When the system determines that something fishy is going […]

Larry Ellison’s slide clicker failed during his Oracle OpenWorld keynote (ORCL)

Oracle Oracle may have just announced a new fully-automated database, but there’s one area where the company is still dependent on humans: Larry Ellison’s presentation clicker.  When the executive chairman took the stage Sunday night for the opening keynote of Oracle OpenWorld, he found himself struggling to keep his presentation slideshow aligned with where he was […]

Oracle announces a new automated database that can patch cybersecurity flaws itself (ORCL)

Larry Ellison didn’t wait long after coming onto the Oracle OpenWorld conference stage in San Francisco on Sunday before announcing a new set of cybersecurity-oriented products. In his first keynote of Oracle’s annual use conference, the executive chairman announced a new autonomous database that can patch itself from cybersecurity flaws without having to go offline.  The automated […]

A $1.3 billion tech upstart struck a deal to ‘leapfrog’ competitors like Adobe and Oracle

The marketing tech company Zeta Global has acquired the artificial intelligence startup Boomtrain. The deal is said to be valued between $ 35 and $ 40 million, according to people familiar with the matter. Zeta Global aspires to compete with giants in the “marketing cloud” sector, such as Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce and IBM. These companies offer marketers a […]

MasterCard has partnered with Oracle to grow digital reach (ORCL, MA)

BI Intelligence This story was delivered to BI Intelligence “Payments Briefing” subscribers. To learn more and subscribe, please click here. A new global partnership between MasterCard and software firm Oracle will give Oracle’s clients better access to digital payment solutions, according to an announcement made at Mobile World Congress. The partnership will focus on in-store […]