A shadowy op-ed campaign is now smearing SpaceX in space cities

Enlarge (credit: Getty / Aurich) In early August, Boeing’s Leanne Caret and SpaceX’s Gwynne Shotwell took the stage at Johnson Space Center to announce the first astronauts who will fly on their commercial crew spacecraft. It was a significant moment to see two of the most powerful women in aerospace alongside one another—two fierce competitors coming […]

Hypocrisy much? Left & right slam Comey’s ‘shot clock’ oped about Kavanaugh FBI probe

Former FBI director James Comey has piped up about the bureau’s investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, saying it is “idiotic” to have a “shot clock.” His critics, both left and right, were not amused. The FBI opened a background investigation into Kavanaugh – his seventh – on Friday, after the White House humored […]

Mollie Tibbetts’ father pleads in op-ed: ‘Do not appropriate Mollie’s soul in advancing views she believed were profoundly racist’

Poweshiek County Emergency Management Agency Mollie Tibbetts’ father wrote in a Des Moines Register op-ed that he wants people to stop using his daughter’s name to push “profoundly racist” views. The revelation that Tibbetts’ suspected murderer was an unauthorized immigrant from Mexico reignited a national debate over immigration — but Rob Tibbetts wrote that he wants […]

Op-ed: Alex Jones is a crackpot—but banning him from Facebook might be a bad idea

Enlarge / Alex Jones (credit: Oli Scarff/Getty Images) Facebook and YouTube both have strict rules against posting content that is hateful, pornographic, or violates someone’s privacy. But what if someone posts content that is just egregiously false? Right now, neither Facebook nor YouTube have rules banning this kind of content. And critics say that’s a […]

Op-ed: Game companies need to cut the crap—loot boxes are obviously gambling

Enlarge / Roulette is a particularly silly form of gambling. (credit: Yuki Shimazu / Flickr) Game companies now lean heavily on loot boxes to monetize their products. Legislators around the world are threatening to impose regulations on the boxes, claiming that they’re gambling. Industry groups, however, insist that the boxes are not. I play games that […]

Actor Bill Murray writes op-ed comparing Parkland shooting activists to the students who helped end the Vietnam War

AP Images Actor Bill Murray wrote an op-ed for NBC News Think comparing the student activists of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting to the student protestors who helped end the Vietnam War. Murray also compared the difficulties of ending the Vietnam War to the challenges presented by gun-control reform. In an op-ed written for NBC News Think on […]

Op-ed: The story behind the satellite that Trump wants dead

Enlarge (credit: NASA) There were plenty of striking things about Monday’s budget news, given that it contained lots of draconian cuts that were simultaneously restored because Congress had boosted spending the week before. But perhaps the most striking among them was an item in the proposed budget for NASA: Trump wants to shut off a […]

Op-ed: Logan Paul tases a dead rat, draws YouTube’s harshest crackdown yet

Enlarge / This is Logan Paul if you’ve been spared his videos thus far. (credit: YouTube) Today, YouTube announced that it has temporarily suspended all ads on 22-year-old prankster Logan Paul’s channel, cutting off what is estimated to be nearly $ 1 million in monthly revenue. The crackdown came after Paul pulled a live fish […]

Op-ed: Apple was right to throttle iPhones, but some things still need to change

Enlarge (credit: Samuel Axon) This week, we learned that the US Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating whether Apple took actions that violated securities laws when it throttled certain iPhones’ performance without informing investors or users. This follows previous reports of class action lawsuits on behalf of consumers as well […]

‘It is time to stop chasing rabbits’: Fusion GPS punches back at GOP critics in revealing op-ed

Drew Angerer/Getty Images The co-founders of the opposition research firm Fusion GPS defended themselves against attempts by President Donald Trump’s allies in the media and Congress to “punish” Fusion for investigating Trump’s ties to Russia. Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch said in an op-ed that they gave former British spy Christopher Steele no specific marching […]