Netflix’s ‘Grace and Frankie’ has been renewed for a 5th season — here are the only 3 other Netflix original series to make it that far

Melissa Moseley / Netflix Netflix’s “Grace and Frankie” has been renewed for a fifth season. Only three other Netflix original programs have managed to do that.   Netflix announced on Wednesday that its original comedy “Grace and Frankie,” about two women — played by Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda — whose husbands leave them for […]

We tried 12 of the most popular protein bars on the market — this is the only one worth buying

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider Protein bars are considered a workout staple because they have a high protein content, which is essential to building muscle mass. But they can also be packed with sugar and artificial ingredients.  We tested 12 different protein bars available at a local CVS and ranked them based on nutritional content, taste, and cost.   […]

The only things you should do to help beat a cold or the flu

Shutterstock This year’s flu season is not messing around. As the virus has swept the US in recent months, people have turned to some strange habits to keep illness at bay, like chugging orange juice, “starving” their fevers, and taking antibiotics. (Spoiler: None of these will help.) Orange juice is high in sugar and there’s little to no evidence that […]

People are comparing these highlighters to Fenty Beauty — and they’re only $1

Sephora An Instagram post featuring $ 1 highlighters is going viral. All of the products are available from the dollar beauty store Miss A. The L.A. Colors highlighter has been compared to Fenty Beauty’s Trophy Wife. From toddlers teaching us how to apply Fenty Beauty makeup to grown-ups who have managed to put on makeup […]

Here are 11 of the best games that you can only play on iPhones (AAPL)

dontnod One of the best features of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, is its immense catalog of apps. Almost 2.5 million applications populate the store, and while not all of them are top-notch, there certainly is a good selection. Games in particular are a crown jewel, so much so that Apple has dedicated them an […]

Whole Foods is having a sale on pizza but for one day only

Drew Anthony Smith/Stringer/Getty Images On February 9, Whole Foods will discount large take-and-bake pizzas in honor of National Pizza Day. The made-in-house pizzas, which must be cooked at home, will be sold for $ 9.99.  They usually cost $ 12.99 – $ 13.99. Cheese, pepperoni, and vegan pizza options will be available in the prepared-foods section of […]

Only people in DC got to see a bizarre Super Bowl commercial with a Trump impersonator and the Redskins’ quarterback

Cyprus Air Heating, Cooling and Fireplaces/YouTube Super Bowl viewers in the Washington, DC area saw a bizarre commercial with an impersonator of President Donald Trump. Kirk Cousins, quarterback for the Washington Redskins, co-starred in the spot. It’s the second year the company, Cyprus Air Fireplace Systems, aired a regional commercial featuring “Trump.” Viewers in the […]

Trump says Nunes memo ‘totally vindicates’ him, complains that everyone only talks about ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’

In a tweet Saturday morning, President Donald Trump said the GOP memo that was released Friday “totally vindicates” him in the Russia investigation. The tweet undermines claims from House Speaker Paul Ryan that the memo is a completely separate matter from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. The memo claims that top law-enforcement officials acted […]