Avengers 4: Only THIS can kill Thanos and beat the Infinity Gauntlet? WHO will use it?

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the Snap could have been stopped. Thanos could have been stopped. Killed, in fact. When Thor flew down from the sky with Stormbeaker spitting lightning, he actually could have ended everything right there. With Infinity War out on digital, download, DVD and Blu-ray in the US, closer examination of the […]

MoviePass Continues to Get Worse, Only Makes Two Movies Available at a Time

Another weekend has arrived, creating another opportunity for MoviePass to disappoint their customers. This week already brought news that MoviePass would soon only be offering a new $ 9.95 subscription plan that gives new and renewing monthly subscribers just three movie tickets a month. That’s a far cry from the initial plan that offered one […]

Avengers 4: Is THIS why only Nebula and Rocket survived Infinity War? EXPLAINED

The end of Infinity War left fans devastated. It also left a huge number of questions, mainy concerning how the surviving heroes cuold possibly bring back all those who died in the Snap.  But what about those who did survive? Why did they precisely make it out alive when so many others did not.  Fans […]

Woman sues Canada Dry for false advertising after lab found only a ‘microscopic’ amount of ginger in the ginger ale

Julie Fletcher of Bolivar, New York filed a lawsuit on July 10 against Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, claiming she was misled about the possible health benefits of Canada Dry ginger ale. For years, Fletcher has drank Canada Dry to soothe her and her kids’ stomach aches, because the can says it’s made with ginger, a […]

The Last Cadillac ATS-V: Pricier, Mildly Sportier, Two Doors Only

If you’ve ever wanted to own a hot Cadillac with a manual transmission, best get in line with those other three guys. The 2019 Cadillac ATS, which ditches its familiar four-door format for a coupe-only proposition, is both the last ATS and the last stick-shift Caddy. Soon, it, the CTS, and XTS will bite the […]

Trump’s North Korea policy hangs by a thread — but he may be the only one who can fix it

Kevin Lim/THE STRAITS TIMES/Handout/Getty Images North Korea returned the remains of 55 bodies, thought to belong to US servicemembers, on Friday. The repatriation — on the 65th anniversary of the armistice that paused the Korean War — was a commitment Kim made at his summit with Donald Trump. Every other element of Trump’s North Korea […]

Diabetes type 2: You may only need to walk this long to lower blood sugar levels

Diabetes type 2 sufferers could lower their blood sugar by walking for 12 minutes, a diabetes expert has claimed. Dr David Cavan, a diabetes consultant with over 20 years experience and published author, said sufferers “underestimate the impact of exercise”. “At the diabetes centre we do a gentle walk for 12 minutes to reduce blood […]

‘Only When Howling’ Encourages Contemplation By Speaking In Visuals

Only When Howling is a game of reflection, having you explore the stories of three characters through striking visual interpretations of their feelings of love, passion, gratitude, and sacrifice. Only When Howling seeks to tell its story through an array of sumptuous visuals that cascade into a seemingly-bleak world, carrying the characters’ thoughts and passions […]

Meghan Markle body language – Duchess of Sussex attempts move ‘only Kate’ can pull off

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, 33, attended a Commonwealth Youth event last week. The Duchess of Sussex was also with the Queen at the event. Meghan Markle wore a pink Prada dress at the Buckingham Palace reception.  She was criticised by some for crossing her legs in an official photograph with the Queen taken on […]