This Video of a Tourist Unknowingly Holding Deadly Octopus Is Going Viral

This Video of a Tourist Unknowingly Holding Deadly Octopus Is Going Viral Advertiser Disclosure The credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). This […]

London’s Octopus Ventures raises $280 million to expand its seed and early stage investing

Octopus Ventures announced that it has raised an additional $ 280 million, bringing its total assets up to $ 1.2 billion as it continues to pursue international expansion of its early stage investment strategy. Founded just over a decade ago, Octopus has backed 89 startups through 199 funding rounds. That includes 16 new companies over […]

A smart octopus fights a shark in a David and Goliath battle on Blue Planet II

A hungry pyjama shark is seen sinking its jaws into the octopus as it hides under a rock.  As the predator pulls its prey from the hiding place and gnaws at it with razor-sharp teeth it seems like it’s all over for the little octopus. Then the cunning creature does something quite unexpected.  It forces […]

Does Hong Kong’s Octopus card have too many tentacles?

Your extensible friend IN 1997, two months after Hong Kong reverted to Chinese sovereignty, it acquired a cutting-edge payment technology. People could rush through turnstiles with a wave of their colourful Octopus cards—stored-value cards pre-loaded with cash. Its latest advance, however, is risibly low-tech. On October 30th Octopus launched an extensible pole with a plastic […]

Windsor man faces lifetime ban for tossing first octopus at Little Caesars Arena

Detroit Red Wings’ superfan Nick Horvath smuggled an octopus into Little Caesars Arena with the hope of claiming his place in history. Instead, he’s facing a lifetime ban. Horvath and his buddies wrapped an octopus snugly around his stomach and concealed their secret cargo under a Gordie Howe all-star jersey ahead of the Wings’ home opener last week in the […]

Everyone could soon have the powers of Doctor Octopus

Doctor Otto Octavius may have been a power-mad scientist bent on world domination and the utter ruin of his nemesis, Spider-Man, but the guy had some surprisingly cogent thoughts on prosthetics development. And although mind-controlled supernumerary robotic limbs like Doc Oc’s still only exist in the realm of the Marvel Universe, researchers here in reality […]

Scientists capture video of dolphins risking death to eat octopus

Bottlenose dolphins living off the coast of southwest Australia have a dilemma. The local octopuses are tasty and packed with protein, but they are also intelligent, fierce fighters. It’s not enough to bite the cephalopods’ heads off, because octopus nervous systems are so decentralized that their legs can continue the battle even when detached. Nevertheless, the […]

Angry Octopus Intimidates Cameraman By Blowing Itself Up Like a Giant Balloon

Don’t interrupt an octopus while it’s eating and don’t you dare point your camera at it because the octopus ain’t having it. In fact, the super villain creature of the ocean will try to intimidate you when you do that because it’ll charge at you, stare you down, and then inflate itself like a giant […]