American Ninja Warrior: Take a Deep Dive Into the First Underwater Obstacle

“For nine years, the entire goal of Ninja Warrior has been to stay dry,” host Matt Iseman points out. But in the Season 10 finale, Ninjas will be asked to swim for their buzzer-beating lives in the NBC series’ first underwater obstacle. And TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek. In Stage 2 of this year’s […]

DJI’s next Mavic drone might have 360-degree obstacle awareness

Now that DJI has made its semi-pro drone technology more accessible through the Mavic Air, what’s it going to do for operators who prefer the Mavic Pro line? Check off a few of their bigger wish list items, apparently. DroneDJ has obtained a photo of what looks like a sequel to the Mavic Pro, reportedly […]

7 regular people who went undercover in high school found teachers face an unprecedented obstacle— and it’s an uphill battle

A&E Seven young adults went undercover as students at a Kansas high school for the show “Undercover High” on A&E. They found that smartphones have made it harder and harder for teachers to do their jobs. Students are constantly distracted by phones in class, even though the school has a no-phone policy. At Highland Park […]

Drone obstacle simulator may help reduce real-world smashes (VIDEO)

Microsoft has launched a drone contingency simulator that could reduce real-life wipeouts of expensive hardware against obstacles like trees, telephone wires and perhaps even a medieval spear. Drone technology has exploded onto the consumer marketplace in recent years, resulting in a number of legislation headaches, as well as real-world hits and misses. [embedded content] According […]