New number plates 2018 – Pro-Brexit licence plates among those BANNED from British roads

New 2018 ’68’ number plates were introduced on September 1st. Every time new plates are introduced there is a list of numerical and letter combinations that are immediately banned. DVLA guidelines dictate that any plates that ‘may cause offence’ will be removed before they end circulation. One of the plates to be banned in the […]

A Shocking Number of Killers Murder Their Co-workers

James Graham Here’s an icebreaker for the next office party: The third leading cause of workplace death—behind “falls to a lower level” and “roadway collisions with other vehicles”—is homicide. This sobering data point comes courtesy of the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics study on fatal occupational injuries. What’s behind all this shooting (the leading m.o. […]

Mamma Mia 2 songs help soundtrack album hit number one AGAIN – replacing Ariana Grande

In its seventh week on release, the album has hopped back up one spot to reclaim the throne. This means it replaces Ariana Grande’s Sweetener, which had hit the summit last week. Mamma Mia 2’s soundtrack had initially debuted in the Top 5 before the film hit cinemas, and then rapidly ascended to Number One […]

Ahead of new 2018 number plates car prices SLASHED and here are the best deals

New 2018 number plates will be coming in next week (Image: GETTY) The new 2018 number plates will be introduced on September 1st. New plates will be marked with the ’68’ age identifier, which signifies that it was introduced in the second half of 2018. Whenever new number plates are introduced there is always a […]

Shock as surprising UK airport is revealed to be number one – can you guess which?

London Luton airport has been named the best airport in London, according to a new study. Six main London airports were examined in the research and given a percentage rating based on flight delays, queueing times, travel fares and connection times. London bus tour operator The Original Tour analysed data from the airports as well as […]

Fib on Your Résumé? A Whopping Number Do

After 28 years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the dean of admissions, Marilee Jones, submitted her resignation in 2007. The day before, it had come out that Jones fabricated her education credentials on her résumé when she first applied for a job at the school in 1979. She claimed to have degrees from three […]

'Low point in US patriotism:' Number of 'extremely proud' Americans slips below 50% for first time

With politics and society increasingly divided, only 47 percent of US citizens polled say they’re “extremely proud” to be Americans, the lowest number ever. The number of Republicans with this extreme pride is at a five-year high. A new annual survey by Gallup, released on Monday, has highlighted two widening political divides, one between Republicans […]

Trump was reportedly surprised by the number of US troops stationed in Germany and expressed interest in pulling some of them out

The US Defense Department is reportedly analyzing the cost-to-benefit ratio of a large-scale withdrawal or transfer of US troops in Germany. Trump, who has had a tenuous relationship with the German chancellor Angela Merkel, was said to have been surprised by the number of US troops stationed there. Some US officials were said to have […]