Pakistan tests nuclear-capable missile after India cancels talks & signs S-400 deal with Russia

Pakistan has successfully test-launched its nuclear-capable missile system just after its archenemy India refused peace talks with Islamabad and bought billions-worth of weapons from Russia. The missile system, which can fire both nuclear and conventional projectiles to a distance of 1,300km, was tested on Monday by the Army Strategic Forces Command (ASFC). The test of […]

Nuclear-capable Russian Tu-95 bombers in 1st-ever Pacific patrol from Indonesia (VIDEO)

Published time: 7 Dec, 2017 19:43 A pair of Russian Tu-95MS strategic bombers have flown a maiden patrol mission over the southern Pacific from a military base in Indonesia. Crew and support staff had to deal with an unfamiliar tropical environment to successfully navigate and complete the mission. The two Tupolev bombers, which can carry […]

US nuclear-capable B-2 stealth bomber flies mission to Pacific ahead of Trump’s visit to Asia

Published time: 30 Oct, 2017 03:01 An American nuclear-capable B-2 stealth bomber has conducted a long-range mission over the Pacific to demonstrate Washington’s “visible commitment” to its Asian allies amid North Korean anxieties and ahead of Donald Trump’s visit to the region. Just as US Defense Secretary was wrapping up his visit to South Korea […]

US flew nuclear-capable B-1B bombers just off coast of North Korea – Pentagon

Published time: 23 Sep, 2017 17:36 Edited time: 23 Sep, 2017 17:41 The US has flown nuclear-capable B-1B Lancer bombers off North Korea’s coast to show the “seriousness” of its approach toward Pyongyang’s “reckless behavior,” a Pentagon spokesperson said. “This is the farthest north of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) any U.S. fighter or bomber aircraft […]

North Korea again threatens nuclear-capable missile strike near Guam, this time saying it will send 4 rockets

KRT via AP Video North Korea’s army released a statement Wednesday repeating and specifying its threat to launch nuclear-capable missiles near Guam, a US territory home to massive US Air Force and Navy bases. State media also responded directly to US President Donald Trump’s threats, calling them “absolute nonsense” and saying “only absolute force can work on him.” North […]

US sends all 3 nuclear-capable bombers to Europe for the first time

US Air Force The U.S. Air Force has sent B-2 Spirit bombers to England for drills with NATO and partner allies furthering the military’s continuance to deploy aircraft despite a period of bizarre political relations with Russia. The move means the service now has its full complement of bombers in Europe — the B-2 joins […]