A Secret Service agent tackled a Chinese security official over the nuclear football when Trump visited China

JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images Axios reported on Sunday that during President Donald Trump’s trip to China in November, a Secret Service member tackled a Chinese security official. The incident reportedly began when Chinese detail tried to prevent the military aide carrying the “nuclear football” from entering a room behind Trump. White House Chief of Staff John […]

West sent lizards as nuclear spies, claims Iran defense official

Enlarge / A senior military advisor to Iran’s supreme leader claims reptiles can be used for nuclear espionage because they “attract atomic waves.” (credit: Dorit Hockman) The senior military advisor to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei claimed in a press conference in Tehran today that Western nations had deployed reptiles as nuclear spies. Agence […]

The prospect of nuclear war is making this Winter Olympics the most politically tense in decades

Vadim Ghirda/AP Politics will likely take center stage at the Olympics this year in South Korea over hostilities between the US and North Korea.  Surprisingly, North Korea has decided to participate in the Games.  A few factors could explain the country’s willingness to take part.  At some point in the coming months, a massive war […]

Budget deal has tax credit extensions for nuclear, fuel cells, carbon capture

Enlarge / Atomic plant Vogtle, located in Burke County, near Waynesboro, Georgia. (Photo by Pallava Bagla/Corbis via Getty Images) (credit: Getty Images) A two-year budget deal was approved by the House and the Senate this morning and signed by President Trump a few hours later. The budget (PDF) included a slew of tax credit extensions that […]

Russian nuclear weapons engineers caught ­­­­minting blockchange with supercomputer

A reproduction of the Tsar Bomba, the biggest nuclear weapon ever detonated, at the Nuclear Weapons Museum at RFNC-VNIIEF in Sarov, where Russia designs and builds its nuclear weapons—and some engineers apparently decided to try to do some nuclear-powered blockchain mining. (credit: Croquant & Hex) Russia’s Interfax News Agency reports that engineers at the All-Russian […]

Trump’s new nuclear posture review reverses course on arms control

Department of Defense via Federation of American Scientists WASHINGTON (AP) — There’s a place for arms control in the Trump administration’s new nuclear strategy, but it’s a very small place. A 74-page summary of the strategy says new advances in arms control are “difficult to envision.” It notes that such agreements can foster cooperation and […]

Anti-Russian & ‘nothing to do with reality’: Moscow lambastes US Nuclear Posture Review

Washington seeks to justify its policy aimed at lowering the nuclear threshold by accusing Russia of an alleged “aggressive strategy,” the Russian Foreign Ministry has said, commenting on the latest US Nuclear Posture Review. The US accusations against Moscow set out in the latest Nuclear Posture Review “have nothing do with reality,” the ministry said […]

Despite US denial, nuclear posture review revolves around Russia

Though US officials argued the new Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) does not revolve around Russia, concerns about Moscow’s nuclear arsenal absolutely dominate the document. “This not a Russia-centric NPR,” said Anita Friedt, acting Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control, Verification and Compliance, at a Pentagon media conference Friday. Yet, the document mentions Russia 127 […]

Trump: US must modernize & rebuild its nuclear arsenal to deter any aggression

Published time: 31 Jan, 2018 03:15 Edited time: 31 Jan, 2018 03:20 The US must make its nukes “so strong and powerful” so as to deter any aggression that might come from state and non-state actors, President Donald Trump said, noting that the world is “sadly” not ready to ditch nuclear weapons. WATCH LIVE: Trump’s 1st […]