Watch North Korea destroy Punggye-ri nuclear testing site (VIDEO)

The first video of the demolition of North Korea’s nuclear testing site at Punggye-ri shows tunnels in the mountainside being buried in rubble. The site was destroyed ahead of a planned summit in Singapore, now canceled by the US. The three operational tunnels at the site were demolished along with the accompanying structures, according to […]

'Europe must buy our oil’: Iranian leader lays out demands for Europe to keep nuclear deal

Iran’s Supreme Leader said Europe must make up for any and all adverse effects the US pullout from the nuclear deal might have on its economy and not seek to include its ballistic missile program and regional policy in the deal. The list of conditions under which Iran would stay in the nuclear deal was […]

RT arrives in N. Korea to witness closure of Punggye-ri nuclear test site (VIDEO)

After a two-hour charter flight from Beijing, RT’s Igor Zhdanov and a small team of international journalists have arrived in North Korea, where they will witness Pyongyang close its only nuclear test site at Punggye-ri.  After Tuesday night’s trip to the nuclear site was called off, the team is staying in the resort city of […]

Oil pares sharp losses after Trump announces US exit from Iran nuclear deal

Susan Walsh/AP Oil rose Tuesday afternoon following President Donald Trump’s announcement that he was pulling the US out of the Iran nuclear deal. Scrapping US involvement could put hundreds of thousands of oil barrels at risk. Follow oil prices in real time here.  Oil pared sharp losses Tuesday afternoon after President Donald Trump announced plans to withdraw […]

The White House brushes off a major ‘typo’ in its statement on Iran’s nuclear weapons program, blames Obama instead

AP Photo/Evan Vucci The White House brushed off a major “typo” in the statement it issued on Iran’s nuclear weapons program. The White House put out a now-amended statement, which read that Iran “has” a secret nuclear weapons program. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders later took a jab at the Obama administration for signing the […]

Russia’s floating nuclear power plant is not the first of its kind

US National Archives and Records Administration Try as I might, I’m not perfect. My goal is to get every detail in every story right, but sometimes a post gets through with a factual error. Such was the case last night, in a story about Russia’s new floating nuclear power plant. Some background research led me […]

Russia launches the world’s first floating nuclear power plant

Multiple nations, including China and the US, have pursued offshore or floating nuclear reactors, but neither will be first to christen one. Russia has launched the world’s first floating nuclear power plant, the 70-megawatt Academik Lomonosov, on the Baltic Sea. Starting from St. Petersberg, it will be towed around Norway to a Russian town called […]

Russia launched a floating nuclear power plant this weekend

Getty Images On Saturday the world’s first floating power plant left St. Petersburg, Russia, towed by two boats. The two-reactor, 70MW floating power plant is headed through the Baltic Sea and north around Norway, to a Russian town called Murmansk, where the boat will receive its fuel. After a period of time in Murmansk, the […]

Naples outraged over visit of US nuclear sub taking part in Syria strikes

A visit by a US Virginia-class submarine – the one that fired cruise missiles into Syria last Saturday – raised the ire in Naples, Italy whose mayor spewed vitriol over the sub’s presence in the nuclear-free “city of peace.” Read more The mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, has been particularly outraged after learning that […]

Perry seems in favor of emergency order to bail out coal, nuclear plants

Enlarge / US Energy Secretary Rick Perry in the East Room of the White House in 2018. (credit: Getty Images) At a hearing on Capitol Hill on Thursday, Energy Secretary Rick Perry expressed his willingness to help coal and nuclear plants out with an emergency order similar to one requested by energy firm FirstEnergy earlier […]