Wanna Save Democracy? Read a Novel

When CEOs and business leaders talk about books they’re reading, the lists tend to have one thing in common: little or no fiction. Sure, they’re reading high-minded, important tomes on history, science, innovation and leadership, but that’s not nearly enough. Where have all the novels gone? People simply aren’t reading them like they once did. […]

Otome Visual Novel ‘Because We’re Here’ Finds Love In The Trenches

Because We’re Here ~Mohnblume und Blauerose~ casts you as Postal Corps volunteer Elfriede Rauss, a young woman tasked with delivering messages to the young men on the Front Lines. It’s a frightening, unsettling time in this World War I-inspired setting, which makes it an unlikely place to find love. Or maybe love is the most […]

Heaven Will Be Mine Is A Visual Novel About Love, Space, & Mechas

Three mecha pilots who are part of a space program fighting for humanity’s future find themselves in command of their own destinies as the program falls apart, and things are quickly getting intense. Choose one of these three women as the pilot of your story and pick fights with the others, or kiss them – […]

Income-share agreements are a novel way to pay tuition fees

TO PAY for his professional flight degree at Purdue University in Indiana, Andrew Hoyler had two choices. He could rely on loans and scholarships. Or he could cover some of the cost with an “income-share agreement” (ISA), a contract with Purdue to pay it a percentage of his earnings for a fixed period after graduation. […]

Carrot, a Silicon Valley startup, takes a novel approach to funding IVF

Injecting some innovation IN 2016, 71,000 babies were born in America after in vitro fertilisation (IVF), triple the number two decades earlier and 1.8% of all births. The share of births that are by IVF varies around the world, rising as high as 4% in Denmark, Israel and Spain. One consistent trend, however, is growth. […]

This novel, one-and-done flu drug could be available soon in the US

Enlarge / We’ve all been there. (credit: Getty | Ute Grabowsky) A fast-acting drug that shortens influenza infections with a single dose has earned a priority review from the US Food and Drug Administration and—if approved—has the chance of hitting the market in 2019 amid the upcoming flu season. That’s all according to Genentech, the […]

The President is Missing… a few finer points on how the cyber works in this novel

Enlarge / LONDON: A President Trump impersonator poses in a mock-up of the Oval Office to promote the global release of James Patterson and Bill Clinton’s book, The President is Missing at Waterloo Station. (credit: Eamonn M. McCormack / Getty Images) If you hadn’t heard, former President William Jefferson Clinton and well-established mass-production author James […]

Bandwidth is the techno-thriller novel that we need right now

Enlarge (credit: Cyrus Farivar) I have a love-hate relationship with Twitter. As I write these words, I have deliberately quit out of the app on my laptop so that I don’t have the temptation to toggle over to it, indulging an eight-second distraction between typed lines of this book review. In fact, in recent months […]

Ian Somerhalder to Headline Vampire Novel Adaptation V-Wars for Netflix

A little over a year after The Vampire Diaries wrapped its eight-year run, Ian Somerhalder is sinking his teeth into another series about bloodsuckers. RELATED Roswell Reboot: The Vampire Diaries‘ Michael Trevino Joins Pilot Cast Brad Turner (24) will direct and executive-produce, while 1-800-MISSING creators William Laurin and Glenn Davis will serve as showrunners. Let’s block ads! (Why?) […]

Ordeal By Innocence: How is the show’s ending different from Agatha Christie's novel?

Agatha Christie superfans were out for blood this evening. Ordeal By Innocence’s fans quickly realised as the show was coming to its climactic finish that the killer had been changed. It has been a topic of hot debate about who killed Rachel (played by Anna Chancellor) in the BBC’s short series. This evening it was […]