Fortnite 4.4 patch notes news as Epic Games confirm downtime

A new Fortnite update is being worked on by Epic Games, who have confirmed its launch time, among other details. The Fortnite 4.4 patch notes have not yet been shared, although we do know that new stink bomb weapons will be included. The new Stink Bomb “Explodes into a cloud on impact and slowly damages […]

Realm Royale patch notes: Steam update live as fans wait on PS4 and Xbox One news

Having posted some great player stats since its launch, Realm Royale recently saw its second Steam update. The official Realm Royale patch notes from Hi-Rez confirms all the big tweaks that have been made on the PC platform. This includes some big gameplay shifts for weapons, as well as the usual changes at the early […]

Fortnite patch notes update V4.4 REVEALED: New assault rifle but STILL no Playground mode

Fortnite patch notes for update V4.4 are out now, with the Battle Royale players getting a brand new weapon. The Fortnite patch notes revealed update V4.4 has brought with it the new Thermal Scope Assault Rifle for Battle Royale. However, one thing that is not coming with Fortnite update V4.4 is the highly anticipated – […]

Rainbow Six Siege Para Bellum release time, new operators update, and patch notes

Ubisoft have released the official patch notes for the next Rainbow Six Siege expansion, which is set to arrive later today. Landing at slightly different intervals on all platforms, the development team have opted for a gradual rollout, rather then doing things all at once. PC players will see the first launch, followed by PS4, and […]

Fortnite patch notes: Epic Games provide update on Shotgun nerf

Epic Games have outlined some of the big changes they’re making to the game this week. Having released a new Fortnite update this week, the development team have gone further into their goals for the game as a whole. This has been provided in some fresh Fortnite Patch Notes, which have been shared on various […]

Destiny 2 Warmind DLC release date LIVE: Server downtime, update 1.2.0 patch notes, more

Destiny 2 fans are counting down to the release of the Warmind DLC. Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion has a May 8 release date, and will be available following a period of offline server maintenance. Initial Destiny 2 server downtime will begin at 2pm BST, although players already signed in will be able to continue playing […]

Iranian activists are scrawling their protests on thousands of bank notes to avoid censorship

Iranian activists are finding creative ways to fight government censorship and spread protests throughout the country. Twitter users appear to have posted thousands of pictures of Iranian banknotes covered with handwritten messages and drawings encouraging dissent. Iran has reportedly arrested upwards of 5,000 people during recent protests. Iranian activists are finding creative ways to fight […]

Fortnite update coming TODAY: Epic Games reveal patch notes and no down time

Having seen some major server disruption this week, Epic Games have managed to bring the game back online. And having solved those problems, the development team have confirmed that a new Fortnite update is being released today. The lucky news is that the new patch will not require both Save the World and Battle Royale […]

2018 Lexus GX 460 Drivers' Notes Review | When dinosaurs roamed the earth

The 2018 Lexus GX 460 has been on sale since late 2009. There have been a few minor updates, but a 2018 model is essentially the same as one from 2010. It’s based on the global Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and shares more than a little with the Toyota 4Runner. It slots between the Lexus […]

The notes Mark Zuckerberg used for his congressional hearing show he was extensively coached for one of the biggest moments of his career

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik Notes used by Mark Zuckerberg during his testimony at a US Senate hearing indicate the Facebook CEO was coached on how best to answer questions that could affect the public’s view of the social networking site. Zuckerberg rarely speaks on Facebook’s operations in such a public forum, and his notes appear to […]