The UK is expanding drone no-fly zones around major airports

Just a couple of months after drone sightings grounded flights at one of the UK’s busiest travel hubs, the nation is expanding drone no-fly zones around airports. As of Wednesday, the no-fly radius is widening from one kilometer to five kilometers (around three miles). In December, drones spotted near Gatwick Airport led to flight operations […]

DJI will create no-fly zones around Olympic venues in South Korea

Days ago, South Korean authorities announced that they’d capture any drone that got too close to Olympics event facilities. If you have a DJI-made craft, you won’t even be able to get close. The UAV maker is releasing a software patch that creates a no-fly zone around Olympic areas. For the duration of the games, […]

MAPPED: Cruise from London’s Tower Bridge with these top FIVE luxury no-fly holidays

If throngs of airport passengers and turbulent plane journeys aren’t a welcome addition to your holiday, a no-fly cruise is the perfect solution.  There are several ports from the UK where you can hop aboard a luxury liner and sail away to exotic destinations.  Portsmouth is one of the most popular choices of port for […]