Dynasty's Nicollette Sheridan Previews Alexis Carrington's Splashy Return: 'Dear God, Nobody's Safe!' (Video)

“Sorry I’m late. Traffic was a bitch.” Those seven words, spoken in the final moments of last week’s Dynasty, introduced viewers to the new Alexis Carrington, now played by Nicollette Sheridan. And she’s only begun to steal the show. RELATEDCharmed Reboot: How Does The CW Pilot Compare to the Original? On the topic of Alexis […]

How The 25th Amendment Actually Works — And What Nobody's Ever Figured Out

BuzzFeed News; Getty Images Before he agreed to become White House chief of staff in 1987, Howard Baker Jr. had a request for a longtime aide of his. Baker, a retired senator, asked James Cannon to assess the state of affairs inside the White House. The presidency of Ronald Reagan was in “chaos,” Cannon wrote […]