Nintendo Switch games shock: Pokemon Let’s Go news and rumours

New reports this week suggest that Nintendo may be releasing more than just one new Pokemon Switch game in the next 12 months. We already know that a new core release is being planned for the handheld console, but it appears evidence is mounting of something else. Nintendo insider Emily Rogers posted new details on […]

Nintendo Labo tests, part one: Robot Kit’s cardboard stomps are fun but shallow

Sam Machkovech There’s a lot to unpack with the build-your-own-controller series of Nintendo Labo kits. Figuratively, the two boxed releases, dubbed Variety Kit and Robot Kit, include many opportunities to build, play, experiment, and learn, and that’s worth exploring. Plus, they have to be literally unpacked before you can even get started—because you have to […]

Nintendo Switch games shock as company reveals major 2018 online news

Nintendo Switch owners have been waiting for the Japanese games giant to confirm when their next big feature will drop. The online subscription service for Switch has been outlined and looks set to launch later this year. But while the new Nintendo Switch Online services will officially launch in September 2018, it will not see […]

Nintendo says Switch won’t get Virtual Console classic game downloads

Enlarge / Don’t expect to see a screen like this on the Switch. With Nintendo offering a selection of 20 downloadable NES games as part of its newly announced Nintendo Switch Online service, starting in September, many have been wondering if the company is planning to revive its Virtual Console selection of emulated classic game […]

Cloud saves are coming to Nintendo Switch this September

Nintendo has finally revealed more details about its long-awaited Switch Online service. In addition to giving you access to NES games adapted for the console, the service will also come with cloud-based backup — a much-requested feature that will give you access to saves in case you lose or break your device, or in case […]

Nintendo introduces Switch cloud saves as part of paid online subscription

Just a few more months… First, the good news: Nintendo will finally begin offering a way for Nintendo Switch owners to back up their currently vulnerable game save data starting in September. Now, the bad news: that feature will only be offered to players who spend $ 20 a year for Nintendo’s first-ever paid online […]

Nintendo Switch news: One of the best games EVER hits Switch in May

Nintendo Switch is getting a big new release this month, as one of the greatest games of all time comes to the console. Arcade shooter Ikaruga has been given a May 29 release date for the Switch, publisher Nicalis has announced. Developed by Treasure, the vertically-scrolling shooter features a polarity-based gameplay mechanic in which player spaceships […]

Switch is selling well, but Nintendo thinks it can sell even better

Enlarge Nintendo is celebrating the end of a pretty good first year for the Nintendo Switch, with just over 15 million unit sales in the 12 months ending in March (on top of almost 3 million sales in the console’s launch month of March 2017). But Nintendo seems pretty sure that the system can perform […]

Zelda breath of the Wild news: Great new update for Nintendo Switch games fans

The Legend of Zelda remains a key franchise for Nintendo, which helped launch the company’s latest console. Having had to wait a long time to play it, 2017 finally saw the release of Zelda Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch. And the popular continues to collect exciting new projects, as well as headlines, a […]

PS5 release date: BIG news for Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch following shock reveal

New consoles that will replace the current batch are expected to be revealed, however, fans are still waiting to hear more about the Xbox Two and PS5 release date. What Sony PlayStation do next will be one of the most closely watched developments, having dominated the current console generation with the PS4 and PS4 Pro. A […]