Modders turn Nintendo Switch into a full-fledged Linux tablet

For all of its Nintendo customizations, the Switch is ultimately a tablet running a garden variety NVIDIA Tegra processor — and that means it can potentially handle the same software as other mobile devices. To prove that point, the fail0verflow team has shown a Switch running an honest-to-goodness Linux distribution. The touchscreen, networking and accelerated […]

Newzoo: Nintendo could reap billions from subscriptions, digital sales, and mobile

Nintendo had spectacular growth in 2017, with revenues growing 172 percent to $ 9.2 billion from a year earlier. That’s good enough to push the Japanese publisher and hardware maker into the top 10 gaming companies by software revenues after a three-year absence from the list, according to market researcher Newzoo. But Newzoo estimates that […]

Nintendo Switch games shock as news drops for Pokemon 2018 and Metroid Prime 4 release

Will Nintendo Switch games fans get two mega titles landing in 2018? The latest news suggests that the new Pokemon RPG could be ready for launch by the end of the year, although Metroid Prime 4 could be further off. There have been various reports suggesting that the new Pokemon game for Switch could arrive […]

Zelda Breath of the Wild news following Nintendo Switch sequel update

Zelda Breath of the Wild did much to expand the gameplay featured in past titles. The Nintendo Switch games list benefited greatly from the changes, which saw the development team experiment more with an open-world format. Giving players more freedom certainly went down well with fans, who have been finding out more about other tweaks […]

The games behind the cardboard: We finally know how Nintendo Labo will play

Wednesday night saw the reveal of a brand-new series of videos for Nintendo’s big, weird Labo launch coming on April 20. We learned a lot about the build-your-own-cardboard toys of this new Switch “game” when it was first announced in January, but now, we’re getting a better idea of the actual games in this thing—and […]

Why Is Nintendo Teaming with Illumination for the Animated ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Movie?

Just last month we got confirmation that Nintendo was teaming with Illumination Entertainment to create an animated Super Mario Bros. movie. The studio behind movies like Despicable Me, Minions and The Secret Life of Pets seemed like an odd choice to bring the Nintendo video game character to the big screen again after all these […]

Hackers hijack Nintendo Switch, show Linux loaded on console

Enlarge (credit: fail0verflow / Twitter) Last month, we reported on hackers’ accelerating efforts to get full control of the Nintendo Switch, allowing the popular system to run homebrew code and, potentially, pirated games. This week, the hacking team fail0verflow claimed a major advance in that effort, tweeting a picture showing Linux booting up on the […]

Nintendo Switch games news: PERFECT 2018 release to create massive sales boost

Nintendo Switch games news in 2018  has so far been dominated by a small selection of titles. Metroid Prime 4 is one game a lot of fans are looking forward to seeing more of, even if it is just a trailer. There’s also other top titles announced, including Bayonetta 3, Dark Souls Remastered and Kirby […]