Nigeria's Tech Startups Defy the Odds

Any entrepreneur in Nigeria faces high operating costs brought on by the country’s unstable power supply, shaky internet and a fluctuating currency. Undaunted, Nigeria’s tech startups have proliferated, kick-starting a young but thriving tech scene that has earned Lagos’ colonial-era Yaba neighborhood — where many have their offices — the nickname “Yabacon Valley.” But the […]

Nigeria's Opposition Preys on President Buhari's Weakness: A Faltering Economy

Opposition candidates seeking to unseat Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, are attacking his economic record and treatment of foreign investors as election season intensifies in Africa’s most populous country. Four members of Buhari’s own party who have defected to the opposition to challenge him are pitching themselves as more business-minded candidates who can jump-start a sluggish […]

The Unofficial 'Banks' Born Out of Nigeria's Boko Haram Years

When supermarket owner Baba Acheme first bought a Point of Sale (POS) machine in 2014, the entrepreneur in Mubi — the commercial hub of the northeastern Nigerian state of Adamawa — thought it would help him collect payments for the groceries he sold. Now, four years later, Acheme finds that he’s using the machine in […]

This Man's Forum Gives a Voice to Nigeria's Feisty Millennials

Scroll through the posts on The Naked Convos, Nigeria’s largest youth blogging platform, and you might find: “As a young woman in my early 20s who loves a good cocktail, f*cking and eating with no desire for emotional responsibility, let’s just say my body count has gone way up. How has that worked out for […]

Is This Leading Lady Nigeria's Next President?

Oluremi Sonaiya doesn’t mind being called a political outsider. In fact, she embraces the term. In a country like Nigeria, where the political elite is plagued by claims of public looting and a tendency to default on promises made on the campaign trail, Sonaiya, 62, is preaching “a totally different scheme of things from what […]