Nigella Lawson weight loss: Food writer and journalist loses two stone using diet trick

Nigella Lawson, 58, has achieved an impressive weight loss during her time in the public eye. She is most famous for her delicious recipes, television appearances on food shows and books such as How To Be A Domestic Goddess. Yet Nigella has somehow managed to maintain a enviable figure too. She has lost an impressive […]

Nigella Lawson weight loss: Sexy TV chef used this unusual method to drop two dress sizes

Nigella Lawson, 58, is as famous for her curvaceous figure as she is for her hearty and indulgent culinary creations. But the star has recently lost a lot of weight, showing off her new figure on her Instagram and her BBC show, Nigella: At My Table. On her social media page, fans went wild for […]

WATCH: Nigella Lawson spills food on her BREASTS in hilarious TV outtakes

Nigella Lawson, 57, has many fans from over the years who enjoy her sultry voice and cooking expertise. She has hit the screens again with her cookery show At My Table, whipping up classics such as sticky toffee puddings and sweet potato curry. However, along the way, there have been some disasters, as there always […]

Nigella: At My Table review: Nigella wafts back with yet more toast

Before you read on, any offence caused by an unintentional double entendre is… unintentional.  Nigella: At My Table (BBC2, Monday) is the latest adventure in the kitchen from the grande dame of food, who wins the title on points from Mary Berry as she is the daughter of a lord.  It is hard to believe […]

Nigella Lawson weight loss: Sexy TV star stuns with slimmed-down figure Instagram snap

Nigella Lawson, the TV chef known for her delicious recipes and sexual innuendos, has wowed Instagram users with yet another picture showing off her slim frame. Nigella Lawson, 57, from Wandsworth in London, is filming for another television show set to air later this year.  The six-part series, Nigella: At My Table, which will air […]

Nigella Lawson under fire carbonara recipe – chef is dubbed the ‘DEATH of Italian recipes’

Nigella Lawson posted the Italian Spaghetti Alla Carbonara recipe to her Facebook page yesterday. However, it has since caused outrage after fans of Italian cuisine were left fuming thanks to the inclusion of one controversial ingredient. Nigella, 57, wrote on the Facebook post, which has attracted over 3,000 responses: “I think spaghetti carbonara is what […]

Nigella Lawson weight loss: Instagram picture SHOCKS fans – is THIS exercise her secret?

Nigella Lawson posted the image to Instagram, showing the 57-year-old celebrity chef filming for her latest series. The chef could be seen in a kitchen, cooking over a hob while a camera man caught the action on film. She captioned the image: “Day 2 on set with @robinfox78 on camera for new series, At My […]

Saturday Kitchen viewers point out MAJOR Nigella Lawson blunder to BBC

Viewers took to Twitter to point out a subtitles gaffe during a Nigella Lawson segment which made absolutely no sense. As the action left this week’s host Michel Roux in the studio, the TV chef was seen whipping up a tiramisu. However, instead of those at home being told to use mascarpone in the recipe, […]

Nigella Lawson weight loss – how you could lose up to THREE stone WITHOUT dieting

The 57-year-old has always been pro self-indulgence, having once suggested taking a doughnut and making french toast with it.  Back in 2015, she criticised obsessive diet culture and ’clean eating’ because, for her, life is all about balance.  She told Good Housekeeping Magazine: “I wouldn’t want a life where I lived on chia seed pudding, […]