Pokemon Go Niantic net worth: How much is Pokemon Go game developer worth?

Pokemon Go has enjoyed an incredibly successful 2018 and the game’s popularity shows no signs of slowing. In addition to critical acclaim, the multiplayer game has earned commercial success, in part thanks to Pokemon Go developer Niantic’s strategy of drip-feeding a steady rollout of fresh content. So although Pokemon Go is free to download, the […]

Pokemon Go Gen 4 release: Great news for Niantic ahead of big Generation 4 update

Pokemon Go will continue to expand under Niantic’s watchful eye, following news of some impressive new stats. According to data firm Sensor Tower, the hit Android and iOS app has seen significant growth when it comes to its revenue streams. As many Trainers will already know, Pokemon Go is free to download and play but comes […]

Pokemon Go UPDATE: Big news as Niantic begins Adventure Sync release

The new Pokemon Go Adventure Sync feature is going live (Image: NIANTIC) UPDATE ONE: Niantic has confirmed that the rollout of their new Pokemon Go Adventure Sync has begun, although, it won’t be available to everyone just yet. As they have done in the past, the development team have chosen to begin their rollout of a […]

Pokemon Go Gen 4 release date NEWS: Niantic drops HUGE Piplup teaser

Pokemon Go developer Niantic continues to tease the release of Gen 4 Pocket Monsters from the Sinnoh region. After confirming plans to release Gen 4 Pokemon soon, Niantic has posted a water-themed teaser on Twitter. Pointing at the imminent release of Piplup, the teaser references Piplup’s ability to dive for over ten minutes to hunt. […]

Pokemon Go news: Shiny glitch hits game during Niantic Adventure Week

Having got some very good news this week, Pokemon Go fans have been hit by a few ongoing gaming issues. The Adventure Week event was recently announced and provided new bonuses to Trainers, some which were revealed, while others were kept secret. Pokemon Go players were told that more Rock-types would spawn at a greater […]

Pokemon Go Adventure Week: Niantic reveal special Raid for rock event

The Pokemon Go Adventure Week kicks off later today and includes some intriguing new in-game events. Niantic have decided to pair new Field Research with the usual bonuses seen during a Pokemon celebration. This means that while Rock-type Pokemon such as Geodude will be appearing more frequently on the map, fans can also unlock other […]

Niantic is building AR maps with help from ‘Pokémon Go’ players

Niantic may have split from Google years ago, but there’s a little bit of Google culture left — namely, the Maps part. The developer told Reuters that it’s planning to create 3D augmented reality maps with the help of Pokémon Go players’ cameras. Gamers would help map public spaces (such as parks and plazas) so […]

Pokemon Go news: Latias and Latios region update following big Niantic Fest 2018 reveal

Pokemon Go players have a short window to add a new Pokemon to their collection. It has now been revealed that the Legendary pair of Latias and Latios have switched regions. This means that from today until June 5, Latios is available to catch in Europe and Asia, while Latias has switched to North America, […]

Watch GamesBeat Summit 2018 Day 1 talks from Niantic, Blizzard, and more

Game creators, publishers, and other influential people from the industry are gathering in Mill Valley, California, for the GamesBeat Summit today. Over the next two days, dozens of speakers will take the stage to discuss their insights about finding success and failure in this business. You could’ve joined us in person, but we understand tha…Read […]

Pokemon Go news: Next Niantic event REVEALED, Community Day update, Moltres return

Fans can get ready for a new Pokemon Go event being launched in April, away from the usual Community Day. Trainers on Android and iOS look set to get reveal later this month, although what it is exactly is hard to say. A big new update has been provided in the latest issue of the […]